Monday, May 31, 2010

Aftereffects? Pizza blanket! WANT.

Lol sucks when you were like SUPERR HYPERR for like 15 minutes then after that you're just like x.x TIRED SIOL. Just now laugh until i literally cried but now we're all like half dead. MOTHER TONGUE O LEVEL IS OVARR. Hahaha. Still got alot more to go. Sighhh. SO TIRED. Pulau Semakau trip seems :/ Must walk in the water WTF.

I think i'm probably gonna sleep when my hair dries. Then i'll pack my bags and stuff then i'll go and sleep till tomorrow morningg ^^ And i won't be lonely cuz i haz 14 Katy Perry, 1 Taylor Lautner and 1 Selena Gomez to accompany me (:

I love you wifeyyyyyyyyyyyy. You're too perfectttttttttt~ I wanna be with you forever yo! :D

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