Sunday, April 4, 2010

Feeling abit :/ now

HEYY. I suddenly remember. Catchan said that i'm INTELLIGENT. HAHA FUNNY. LOL But seriously, even she thinks that i'm lazy... KAO. But like gaga said, there's nothing to be happy about cause that's what teachers say to almost all the students. :/ Mrs H is the WORST. WHY MR LIN. WHY! WHY YOU GIVE HER MY RESULT SLIP? WHY YOU LET HER BE MY TEACHER? WHYYYY. URGH. Hate herrrrrr. Even my mum don't like her kay. I wanna slap her lah!! URGHH. DON'T LIKE!!!

Horoscope says that i'm suppose to be happier nowadays :/ Yeah maybe i don't know... All i know is that i'm super broke right naozx ): And even if i'm happy right, a certain teacher will surely ruin my mood one. So yeah. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday can kiss my arse! Like what people say, "Haters gonna hate" so yeah, i'm gonna hate.

ENOUGH!! Think happy thoughts think happy thoughts~

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