Wednesday, June 30, 2010

fuck you, you fucking fucker.

Hey guess what. I just got an answer from my dad.
He said "Ask your mum. If she say yes then okay lorh."
Then i kinda wanted to lie to him that my mum said yes so i asked
Jasmin: "Then you'll bring me go?"
Father: "Your mum let you take she bring you lah."
So the answer is a no... I hate you mum and dad. Thanks for nothing. Fuck my life. I'm gonna go cry now. Bye

You see me standing there and you act like you don't know me
But last night you were calling me saying you want me
Oh why do you always make me feel like i'm the one that's crazy
You got my heart racing
Girl, i need you here with me
We can't go on this way
I'm falling hard for you
All i can say
We're going round and round
We're never gonna stop and we're never get where we're going

I hate you guys so much.........

are you hot or are you cold?

Wellllll. School was still OHKAY. I'm actually doing my homework and i've completed my maths homework for today! After a longlonglong time, i can finally say that IT SEEMS EASY LOL. It was sec 2 algebra anyways. There's this picture of Katy Perry at her concert and she knelt down infront of the stage and was holding onto one of the audience's hand. It was like those the way the couple hold each other de hands. Then that lady was like crying sia!! Mygodd. And i told my dad about the money thang lerh... HE LIKE. NO REACTION ONE SIA. IT'S EITHER A YES OR A NO. DON'T JUST FUCKING KEEP QUIETT DAMNNNN

P.s, my brother just brought his friends and no offence but 2 of them looks... weird... =X

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just throwing it out there

Just to clear some things up... I didn't skip school because i didn't finish my homework. I skipped school because i was extremely tired. On monday i only had like 4 hours of sleep then just now i also only slept at like 2.30am so i am seriously dying... Furthermore it was raining in the morning so i slept in... And P.S I finished all my homework already okay.
Just before i went to sleep around 2.30 yesterday, i changed the channel to MTV cuz there were MTV hits! Then first video they played was like Eminem's. Then i was like if after this is not California Gurls then i'll wait until 3am when this MTV hits end loh. But right!! RIGHT AFTER THE EMINEM VIDEO IS CALIFORNIA GURLS LIAO OMG I literally jumped off the sofa and ran infront to the tv~ YAY. HAPPY IS ME. All i needed was to see it once on tv and i'm happy. lol! It's like she knows i'm waiting and she doesn't want me to stay up late so she let the video play~ LOL and you know i said that she had stitches? it's on her leg! and it's still like bandaged~ poor wifey ):

Mosquito bites are fucking itchy. Stupid chem lab!!!

WOW. LOL. If you know what i'm refering to...

YO. It's 2am. I'm doing my homework. I just finished my second last paper and going onto my last. FUCKKK. I'm gonna be so damn tired tomorrow. My brain is like half dead so i really have to watch abit of tv and blog abit if not i'll go crazy!! So anyways. On mtv is showing "Plastic Surgery Obsession" and IT IS SO GROSS. LIKE INJECT INTO THE FACE LIKE I AM LIKE IN PAIN WHILE IM WATCHING IT. SICKOS.
Katy Perry is perfect without doing any plastic surgery stuff ^^ The most she did was having braces! OMG THE LADY GOT DOUBLE K BREAST WTF. HEAVY SIA. They say like 2 basketballs infront. Sicksicksicksick!!

You know you're in love when you just think about the person for the whole day. No matter what you're doing, that person will be floating around in your mind. Seeing or hearing that person or just their name makes your heart beat faster and there is nothing else you wanna do then just to make her happy. I'm refering to Katy Perry yo!! Kay needa finish homework lerh.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Sho shleeepy.

YO. I wanted to talk about what happened on the first day of school but i'm like... :/ Well, all i have to say is, i love my mothers and my aunties! :D Oh and if you think i'm crazy now, you should have seen me in primary school. I was fucking insane. I was way more perverted~ Now i'm considered NORMAL. So yeah...

This person right here is the reason for my moodswings. The reason why i'm happy. The reason why i'm sad.She's like the crush i'll never get over... The ex-gf who is getting married with another person that i'll never get over. Despite how painful everything might be, i'll still love you no matter what!

Gonna go chiong on my homeworks again lerh. Baizx

P.S California Gurls dropped to number 2 on the itunes list yesterday but now it's back on NUMBER 1! Number 1 most downloaded song and video (: AND. In the USA, California Gurls is also first on almost every single radio station. FUCKYES. Selena's Round & Round is the number 3 most downloaded video! (: So proud of my wifey and my girlfy xD

lol. can't think straight

2 hours and 4 essays done. ARGH. I feel tired liao. Gonna stop bah... There's no history tomorrow anyways. Tomorrow need to go buy english tys :/ Goodnightttttt. And i think i know how to make me not obsessed with Katy Perry. GET ME A GIRL THAT LOOKS LIKE KATY PERRY AND WE CAN HOOK UP LOL. Kidding lah. ): I always see 12:12, 1:11 and 2:22. Idk why. 1:11 is kinda close to 11:11 so... am i entitled to a wish? xD

i love it when i'm browsing random tumblrs that are not related to Katy Perry then suddenly, KATY PERRY POPS OUT! LOL. Like serious... She's following me around....

horoscope say i've been pretending to be someone i'm nott. then say if ppl dun like me for who i am then don't like lah!! NOT MY PROBLEM. FAG YOUU. I'm not here to impress you. HAH!! I think i might... okay maybe not now... Wait for it....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

head heart shoulder shoulder

1 hour and 2 history essays done. 4 more to go. There's not history tomorrow tho... There's english and maths... I don't know how to do maths and i don't have the english one. I am so fucked. LOL. I don't even know why i'm blogging. SEE YOU IN HELL TOMORROW LOL.


I feel more okay now cuz there's hope. A teeny eeny bit of hope. And i'm not expecting so much. As long as i get to see her, it's enough. I don't have to like hug her or touch her... Seeing her beautiful face and hearing her beautiful voice is enough bah. ^^ Now gotta chiong my homework but the stupid tv is distracting me!! I love Mr Beannnn.

If this doesn't work, i'll probably go back to being extremely sad~ So yeahh. HOMEWORKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

nothing seems to go right -.-

MTV is just being a major bitch right now. Can't remember how many freaking times i've heard OMG by Usher, Alejandro by Lady Gaga and Nothing On You by B.O.B feat Bruno Mars. Which asshole chooses the videos to play? He should just go and f himself upside down larh. I don't even know why i'm waiting. I'm waiting for a freaking miracle? Yeah More like waiting for my mum to wake up and whoop my arse. Yeah, so stupid of me to believe in that. Urgh. Now is the song Hey Soul Sister -.- GREAT. JUST GREAT. Tomorrow my mum bringing me to that place again. I think she's just wasting our time. I gave up hope on this leg years ago.

Goodnight (:
In half an hour, 5 people won the free passes. 5 fucking people. I hope you guys get run over by a fucking car. Nono... I shouldn't curse other people. I should wish them the best. I should pray for you guys. I pray that you get run over by a motherfucking car!!! Maybe i should just accept fate right -.- If it's my fate to not win the free passes, not my fate to be with you, not my fate to see Katy Perry and not my fate to do well in maths. I should just fucking give up.

Give me some time... I'll try to tell you once i've figured out my thoughts because honestly speaking, i don't know what's going on right now... I just feel like... not doing anything. I don't wanna wake up to this horrible horrible world. I don't wanna go to school to see those horrible people. I don't wanna face reality... Let me go back to that dream. Let it continue forevarrrrrrr.

Well. My horoscope seems extremely... ironic. They say that next month, i'll be able to concentrate on my studies. All distractions gone. AS IF!! Katy Perry is coming. Do you really think that i'll be able to concentrate? Do you really think that there will be NO distractions? Are you sure about that? Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it... Yeah. I wished that Katy Perry would come to Singapore. Yeah she's coming alright... But guess what? I have nooooo moneyy. Furthermore it's on a Tuesday. But if i could go, fuck school. I'm going to Fort Canning Park in the morning.

There's these 2 websites called like "Gives me hope" and "Love gives me hope". Reading those stories only makes me feel worst. Those people were given hope and love. Why can't i have it too?! Lol. Okay lah. I'm making myself sound like the mosttt pathetic person on earth... I'm not. I'm counted "lucky". But it's not enough to me. I'm not the worst, neither am i one of the best and i don't like that.

Friday, June 25, 2010

killing me softlyy

Why must you make fun of my obsession with Katy Perry? You guys are the reason why i kinda hate myself for loving her. You guys make me wish i wasn't obsessed with her. You guys make me wish that i could stop loving her. And i'm afraid that some day, that might really happen... Then i'll be breaking my promise to myself. Must you people really make me feel like i can't keep a promise? Not even to myself? Why must you be so perfect... Please get out of my head...

Why won't you understand ):

if there's a will, there's a way... i hope...

I really intended to do my homework today. I really wanted to. But now, i have lost all of my mood. WHY KATY PERRY WHY. WHY MUM WHY. WHY SISTIC WHY. WHYYYY. Listening to her songs now makes me wanna cry. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK MY LIFEEE.

It's not what i didn't feel, it's what i didn't show.

1000th picture of Katy Perry!

I am in misery. There ain't nobody who can comfort me. Why won't you answer me? The silence is slowly killing me. Girl, you really got me bad, you really got me bad. I'm gonna get you back, gonna get you back. Why do you do what you do to me? Yeah~

Je t'aime et tu me manques. Je veux ton câlin. Because saying it in french makes it so much cooler xD Au revoir et bonne soirée!
Just saw this old vid of Katy Perry getting her ahem waxed. SO FUNNY. When she came out she was like "Where's the bathroom? I wanna see my asshole" LOL. Then she say "it feels like somebody just rubbed chilli oil all over my... -stutters-" SO CUTE LAH OMGG. This picture is so... aww ): I love you katy~~ How can someone be so pretty and perfect? ~~~~

Heard 2 of the songs from the upcoming album but it's in like super low quality cuz it's like recorded at some place~ I LOVE THE SONG PEACOCK. FASTER COME OUT LEHHH. Must wait like 2 more months?! FUCKKKKK. Adam one even worst... 3 more months!! AHHHHH

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wellll. So today got the crystal thingy workshop thingy at science centre~ Btw, THE DINOSAUR AT SCIENCE CENTRE IS REALLY SCARY LAH LOL. Okay so... Overall, the workshop was like kinda fail? Cuz the "crystals" were more like "powder" lol. But it was okay lahhh. I mean at school got do before liao. This is in a more uh hot n cold way. LOL So here are some peektures~ I LAIKE THE COLOUR~ lol

I love lab coats. I love anything that makes me look professional or like i'm actually doing something lol! Then after that we can go roam around inside on our own~ And here is a very awesome picture:
TA DA. LOLOL. Tongue to tongue with an anteater. They say it's gross but okay lah.. I mean it looks real but it isn't~ The anteater thang is cute anyways HAHA.

retarded peepo xD

My new boyfriend. I'mma go and see you tomorrow~ LOL. He doesn't look too amused tho -.- And if you look at the right side, ken's head is gone... scary x.x

Okayyy i feel very sore. i don't know why. I feel very hungry. and tomorrow gonna watch TOY STORY 3!! I didn't even watch 1 and 2... Lol. Bought my hammy's fav food for him~ He is like so damn pampered -.- I lurve youu. Hungry hungry! very very!! Katy Perry ):

I'm never gonna wake up from this. NEVERRR

So today i tuned into MTV whenever they show MTV hits hoping to catch a glimpse of my wifey in the video California Gurls. Instead, i saw Waking Up In Vegas twice and Hot N Cold once! I seriously did not expect the Hot N Cold because it was played shortly after WUIV... Yay!!

Anyways, just finished eating biscuits with milo with my brother yo! So funny omg i love him!

Okay, my wifey is calling lerh. Gonna go talk on the phone with her, drink milk and fall asleep. Goodbye and goodnight ^^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's awesome how they can just stand there, raise their hand up and people would just scream go crazy. Like she literally didn't do anything! Her song was like playing playing, then she stood there, raised up one hand into the air and people started screaming :/ So awesome... Heard another short preview of another song of hers~ So awesome. I know i should ignore all those bad news they say about Katy Perry but i can't help but feel pissed!! Idiorts.

Urgh, i feel so pathetic with this sudden flu -.- Tomorrow's gonna be a long day ): i'm so tired... And then it's gonna be friday... Homework still not done. I'm so hopelessly hopeless and hungryyy

Close enough :/

Well. Instead of California Gurls, i got Waking Up In Vegas. Well... AT LEAST IT'S STILL KATY PERRY. SHUT UP AND PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSS!! Lol ok... She is so adorable. The guy in the mv is like the luckiest guy on earth?! HE GOT TO KISS KATY PERRY!! There better not be any tongue or i'll cut his off. LOL. Okayyyyyy. I think this blog shall be only for posting my spazz about Katy Perry bah. Byeeee.


I went home, flipped through the newspaper and look at the side. OMFG THERE'S A PICTURE OF KATY PERRY OMG WHICH PAGE? PAGE 23!! OKOKOK. IT'S A FULL PAGE OF HER. FUCKYESSSS. Gonna frame it up. HAHA. I LOVE YOU KATY PERRY. There write on mtv got show liao OMG NOW MUST TUNE INTO MTV WHENVER I CAN MANZX. Bye wifeyyyy

I'm so tired ): but i'm happy... i think... i dunno :/

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Maybe i should :/

So addicted to Maroon 5's new song x.x
And i love my hammmyyyyy. I can't go a day without mentioning the name "Katy Perry" lol. ~~ Maybe i should start on my homework... SIGHH. Yeah... I hate you guyss!!

~.~ A dream i never want to wake up from T.T


The dream started with me at school hall like soo sian then hall only got a lil bit of people. Then suddenly i forget which teacher ask

Teacher: "Who is a fan of Katy Perry here?"
Then i stood up and shout "MEMEMEMEMEME"
Teacher: "Then you can come infront here and sit cuz we have a treat for you!"
Then i'm like O.O OKAYOKAYOKAY -runs infront-
SHE SANG THINKING OF YOU. OMG. And that's not the best part! There's still more to go!! Then after singing, she left to idk where. Then i was like very eager to go find her but mr giam came out and talktalktalktalktalk then i can't leave like wtf. Then after it ended and the hall cleared, i saw her. She was standing at the other end of the hall. I ran towards her and i was like "OMG Can i hug you?" Then she was like sure! THEN I HUGGED HER. Her skin felt so soft ~.~ I can still feel that ~.~ Then after that she said she had to go so i was like ): okayy. bye! i love youuuuuu! Thenthen as we were leaving the school like going down the stairs, i saw her again. She was sitting at the staircase there.
I was like OMG I thought you left? She was eating starfruit... LOL? Then she was like she don't dare to go outside because got alot of paparazzi. Then i was like I WILL PROTECT YOU FROM THEMM. Then she was like Aww~ Then she fed me the starfruit. OMFG ~.~ The sweetest most tastiest fruit i've ever eaten. Then i sat beside her and lean on her shoulder OMFG. Her skin still feels so soft LOL. Then the dream skipped to a part where we were at this swimming place? I don't know
We were like sitting there and there was like swimming pools and those water rollercoaster things. Then i wanted to go play then ask her she want anot but she didn't want to cuz it looked scary. LOLOL. SO CUTE!! Then after that the dream skipped again then i was like shopping with her? I WAS HOLDING ONTO HER ARM OMG. And again, her skin feels so soft and smooth x.x
Then she started asking me "Why you so obsessed with me"? I'm like because i am..? LOL. Then she keep on asking things like "What if i don't care about you at all?" Then i'm like "I'll still care about you and love you~" So on and so forth then i woke up... FUCKK NOOOOOO.

NEVERMIND. At least i got to hug her, hold her hand, lean on her shoulder and let her feed me. YAYYYYYYYYYY. When i woke up i was like THAT WAS JUST A DREAM? IT FELT SO REAL T.T Sighhhh. Okay bye!!

P.S Maroon 5's new single is outta! It sounds different from the previous album but ITS STILL AWESOME. I love you too Adam!!! OH AND Selena Gomez's new single is also out!! Video also outtt lerh! I love you too Selenaa! Lollll
There's a place in California call JASMIN. LOLS.,_California

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wifey and Adam!

P.S Katy Perry looks hot at the MMVA. I mean like seriously!! Not like she's not hot everyday but at this, she looks exceptionally smokin'! Like seriously! Shall post pictures next time. Ahh damn you for being so pretty... Damn you. No larh. Kidding. But you're really perfect tho. Like what one of the katycat said

"Some say nobody is perfect. She is the only exception. Perfect in every detail."

I so agree with you manzx. I so do...

Let's try to sound retarded for a moment...

I haz sudden craving for KFC breakfast. Twister nomnomnom. I haz school tomorrow. I haz not bought ten series year. I is not done homework. I is going dead.
Is cutted kiwi. Board so me is did tiz. I haz eaten KP! Yesterday me did listen Katy song sleep. I iz sleep nicenice. yayy

Beautiful girls, all over the world~~ I could be chasing but my time would be wasted cuz they got nothin on youuu babey~ YAYY GO KATY PEARYY


I WANTED TO BLOG ABOUT SOMETHING BUT AFTER WATCHING THE VIDEO OF KATY PERRY PERFORMING AT THE MMVA MY MIND TOTALLY WENT BLANK. All i could think of now is I WANNA GO TO HER CONCERT THEN HOPEFULLY SHE'LL THROW SOMETHING DOWN THE STAGE AND I'LL CATCH IT. LOL. Cuz she totally does that... She threw those inflatable strawberries down at some of her concerts and people really got it and brought it home... Or how bout a kiss? =X Those stuff cost money yo. A kiss is free yer knowwww

OMG SHE THREW THE LOLLIPOP THAT'S INFRONT OF HER SHIRT DOWN~ AND SHE SHOOK SOME OF THEIR HANDS. Not really shake lah. She reached her hand out and those ppl were all grabbing onto it! LOL. It's awesome how people are just dying to touch her hand :/ Including me...

AHH SCHOOL TOMORROW. Tomorrow the english thang sounds lame. I DON'T WANNA GOO. No more sleeping late. Pssh. OH Today afternoon when i woke up, i looked in the mirror and was like WOAH. What happen to you dude!? Yeah. 2 weeks of sleeping at 4am everyday is not doing good. Psshhh.


I had a dream that i had a dream that i was collecting my O levels result. How did i do? Horribly. Like damn fucking horrible. I got F for every single subject. LIKE WHAT THE HELL! Then i woke up from that dream in my dream which means i'm still dreaming. In that dream, i was really going to collect my results... But my mum woke me up... :/ Argh.

Fatty in heaven.

My internet is fucked up. Like the router thingy spoil liaw. So now using my mum's usb wireless thingy... AND IT'S SO LAGGY. Like i wait for videos to load until i wanna die liao. I haz bean playing sims 3. I created Adam Levine and Katheryn Hudson. LOL. THEY ARE LIKE BEST FRIENDS! Somehow i can't get them to be lovers leh?! Sims 2 was easier -.-

Homework still not done. I'm scared that the teachers will scold nia. Esp CatChan.... Ohmygod. HAVE YOU SEEN HER SCOLDING PPL? Even when she's talking normally already like scary. IMAGINE HER SCOLDING PPL?! I don't think i can handle that zomg.

Anyways, i'mma put up a wishlist at the side ----> to remind myself of the stuff i want... IF NOT I'LL FORGET LIKE SRSLY LOL. So i'll just write it there... And you can help me fufill it if you want to =X Love youuu. Byeee

P.S THERE'S ONLY LIKE 2 POSTS ON THIS MAIN PAGE LEH. No more spamming of posts. Hehehe. I want Katy Perry ):

Sunday, June 20, 2010

You are the sun in my universe~

Which person in the right mind would go to facebook, search for stuff related to Katy Perry, look through tons and tons of pages and "like" them?! Oh wait...
I DO! Haha i have no life. Just heard my mum cough :/ Scary... Later she wake up gonna nag me again :/ Okay lah. Goodnight (:

P.S You're very very very preettyyyyyyy~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forever half full!

Despite all my complains about stuff, i'm actually a happy person. I am... I like to complain and say this sucks that sucks because i get depressed when i'm alone. Furthermore, i'm at home... I really don't like being at home... Even when i'm not alone there's someone bugging me :/ So yeahh... When i'm outside i'm rarely sad yer know! Maybe angry or sad for like 5 minutes but that's it~ (: And this picture makes me wanna say that... LAU SOCK GHIM YOU ARE SO SNOW WHITEEEE!! I mean look at her in this picture! She's doing the face you like =X And she has short hair like you and white skin like you! So if you say she ugly, you're saying yourself hor!! PRINCESS JASMINE IS STILL AWESOME :D

I'm still sad over the thingy below... Sigh. Katy Perryyyyyy ):
Pssh. This just sucks. Tomorrow have to wake up early to go to this don't know what place to check up on my leg. PLEASE LAH! I DON'T THINK DOING ANYTHING TO IT WILL FREAKING HELP. IT'S BEEN 15 YEARS. HAVE YOU GUYS DONE ANYTHING TO IMPROVE MY SITUATION? NOOOO. You guys only added a few more scars to my leg for no freaking reason. Fucking doctors. I can't believe i thought you guys were awesome when i was younger. You guys were the reason that i'm like that. Seriously. One day i'm gonna find that doctor who did this to me. I imagined a conversation....
Doctor: "So what happen to you?"
Me: "When i was born, some fucking doctor fucked up my leg. She blahblahblahblahblahblah. -Looks deep into her eyes- Remember?"
THEN SHE'LL BE LIKE SHOCK. OMG SHE IS BACK TO HAUNT ME LOL. Okay lah lame. But this srsly sucks ):
Why do i feel like crying after knowing that Katy Perry is going to malaysia... NOOO PLEASE DON'T JUST STAY IN AMERICA PLEASe... Just stay there... OR CAN YOU LIKE COME TO SINGAPORE. WHY MALAYSIA. WHY THE FUCK MUST YOU FUCKING GO TO MALAYSIAA. Previously malaysia say what those other ppl de concert too sexy then need to wear nicenice. COME SINGAPORE LAH. DON'T NEED YOU TO WEAR NICENICE ONE. YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER SHIT YOU WANT. YOU DON'T WEAR ALSO NEVERMIND ONE LARHH COME ONNNNN.

WHY AM I CRYING OMG. idiot -.- You didn't cry when Maroon 5 came to singapore... Why are you crying when Katy Perry is going to Malaysia?! LIKE ITS NOT EVEN IN SINGAPORE. You ass... DX!!

If you want me, you're gonna have to break the bank tonight


OH WELLLL. School reopening soon... ;-; All of a sudden, i'm playing the sims 3 again... Hohoho. I want the Green Day Rockband edition... I want The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff & The Sims 3 Ambitions... I want those hoodie and T-shirts... I want those converse shoes :/

Friday, June 18, 2010

One of the luckiest girls on earth that got kissed by the one and only Katy Perry. ):

And i loved what Ghimmy said about Katy Perry just now! She said that Katy Perry was like those dream girl. The kind of girl guys dream of! Like duh! Hour glass figure. Those big beautiful eyes. Ahhh~

21st Century Breakdownnzx

I'm just posting this pic here cuz im using my brother's com then later when i use my com then i'll save it there. At the same time i can show you HER SEXINESS OMGI think i'll buy Ghimmy an alarm clock next time. LOL. SERIOUSLY! This is like the 3rd time got anot! LOL! So anyways, went to CHINATOWN. For idk what reason. On the MRT we were like "I don't even know why i'm outside..." But ohwell. Go there walkwalk lohh. ALOT OF CAUCASIANS SIOL. WE DIDN'T DO THIS TO THE MODEL! It was like that already. HAHA! Okay lame. Then right, we were walking then we stopped to look at this gross stuff
THE GUESS WHAT, CALIFORNIA GURLS STARTED PLAYING. I HEARD THE "Greetings loved one, let's take a journey" THEN I WAS LIKE O.O!!!! LIKE LITERALLY O.O!! And i turn around... THE SHOP BEHIND US WAS PLAYING THE SAME AHH I LOVE YOU SHOP! LOL. So yeah, if we didn't stop to see those worm stuff, i wouldn't have heard it... Thankyou... Then walkwalkwalkwalk.

The went to eateat. Then went to City Hall. THERE'S THIS PLACE RIGHT THAT IS FULL OF SHOPS THAT SELLS GUITARS AND BAND T-SHIRTS AND STUFF AND SOMEMORE ITS NOT CROWDED. LIKE FUCKYEAH. Next time gonna bring my mum there to ask her buy clothes for me. hehehehee
The Grammophone there got alot of CD sia... Got those vinyl kind somemore... THIS PICTURE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE BELOW! But dunno why it was up here.... SO anyways. HERE IS GHIM WITH HER BIRTHDAY PRESENT LOH! Finally gave it to her. Hehe
ANYWAYS! At that grammophone got this box of stuff that has GREENDAY STUFFF SO AWESOME BUT IT WAS LIKE SO EXP!!! 200+ LEHH.
Here is ghim with it! I LOVE GREENDAY~ And right... this picture below is not what it seems like...

AND TODAY. I DID 3 GOOD THINGS. Firstly, i bought 1 dollor de tissue from some auntie. Then, i donated 5 bucks to this charity thing. And lastly, i donated 4 dollors to the YMCA. I'm a saintt! For today... 10 bucks gone leh!! God better see this. HAHA kay bye