Wednesday, June 30, 2010

are you hot or are you cold?

Wellllll. School was still OHKAY. I'm actually doing my homework and i've completed my maths homework for today! After a longlonglong time, i can finally say that IT SEEMS EASY LOL. It was sec 2 algebra anyways. There's this picture of Katy Perry at her concert and she knelt down infront of the stage and was holding onto one of the audience's hand. It was like those the way the couple hold each other de hands. Then that lady was like crying sia!! Mygodd. And i told my dad about the money thang lerh... HE LIKE. NO REACTION ONE SIA. IT'S EITHER A YES OR A NO. DON'T JUST FUCKING KEEP QUIETT DAMNNNN

P.s, my brother just brought his friends and no offence but 2 of them looks... weird... =X

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