Friday, April 30, 2010

not in the right mind... lol

I LOVE KATY PERRY. Okay... welllllllllllll. Exams... Mr lin today morning tell me i left 75% of the maths paper blank and he gave me the very pissed off face... I TRY LIAO LAH. I REALLY DID. You're not gonna believe me anyways so well... I didn't try. I look through the paper, and i anyhow write a few words inside then i close my paper then i sleep for the next hour. HAPPY? HAPPY WITH THAT ANSWER?! I totally DIDN'T STUDY MANZX. The previous night i was playing playing playing SO HAPPPYYYY. ARGH I feel fucking retarded. Stupid idiot. YOU CAN'T EVEN DO A FEW SIMPLE MATHS QN BLAHBLAHBLAH. I hate maths........ I CAN'T FORCE MYSELF TO LOVE IT!! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I FORCE YOU TO LOVE YOUR ENEMY HUH!! THEN SOMEMORE I FORCE YOU TO DO HIM/HER. YOU LIKE? NO RIGHT!! Damn it. It's not over yet... It's only the MYE... It's not....

English i HOPE i pass!! Cuz i wrote qn 3.... What career i would like to explore? I think it's kinda obvious... LOL! SINGER YO. Not sure if rockstar is a legit career so i chose singer instead LOL! I totally wrote that if i can sing and become famous, DUN NEED STUDY LIAO LOH. =X and i also included justin bieber... wellllllll

If i had a CCTV installed in Katy Perry's home, i can literally just sit there and watch her for the whole day! Provided if she's at home of course... I can watch her sleep, watch her eat... I'm not gonna see her in the toilet of course! Must give her some privacy LOL. ARGH. I want youu~

and can you like stop hating the people i love?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little monstarr

Hello. I'm back to using my own com for now. Suddenly the screen seems big. LOL! It's a good thing i guess. I messed up my oral AGAIN! Expected larh. That desmond tan not smiling!! He give the -.- face throughout! STRESS YOU KNOW?! Somemore i'm already very nervous... Sianzx. At least it's over... for now...

Omg suddenly find that Lady gaga's songs are EXTREMELY NICE! LIKE REALLY. Listen liao i feel very ~.~ BUT WAIT! I still love Katy Perry moarr~
Now, i have look pass the fact that you smoke, you're a scorpio and you're gonna marry russell brand. I totally accept it... because it's you...! How can i not love you?! I love everything about you~ My perfect...

Don't call my name, don't call my name
I'm not your babe, i'm your babe
Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch
Just smoke one cigarette and hush
Don't call my name, don't call my name
ALEJANDRO! Awesome song yo.

STOP BEING NICE TO ME!! Now i'm being mean to you. SO BE MEAN TO ME, PLEASE!! I hate you...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


HOHO. Mother tongue and maths paper today. I accidently fell asleep halfway through the maths paper... But i woke up awhile later and continued! I TRIED. I REALLY REALLY TRIED! Which reminds me. During mother tongue righttt, after i finish i slept for like 5 minutes and i dreamt of SELENA GOMEZ. ZOMG. I dreamt of me and her taking pictures together. Not like fan and idol take picture is like FRIENDS hanging out and taking picture. Fyeah!!

I'm tiredddddddddd. I forget what i wanna say. Ohwell. ORAL TOMORROW. Shit lah, sockghim class de oral is earlier de. Want me to wait for anyone mah? Or i'll just go home alone.... to sleep. heh

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

zomg lol wtf

WAH SLEEPY! LOL. Well... IT'S LIKE SO SUDDEN SIA. SUDDENLY EXAM LIAO. LOL Mid year... IS IT LEGAL TO HAVE 3 PAPERS IN A DAY?! To me, exams means go home early. But this one go home at 4 leh! I OBJECT!!! Arghhh Maths and chemistry no hope lerh lah. Hehe. Tomorrow morning needa go school earlier to go class take my book because i totally forget to take. ARGH. Exam in hall.... VERY WARM DE LEH. Okay i don't have much to say lol. kay bye I LOVE YOU!!

is it really that obvious?

Monday, April 26, 2010


I wanna say something about my short attention span... LIKE SERIOUSLY. I was looking through the websites right, suddenly i realise that i'm not actually looking at it. My mind is actually somewhere else liao -.- Then i told myself to CONCENTRATE ON WHAT YOU'RE DOING!! But my mind just wandered off -.- Argh. I don't know lah. lol.

urgh, why do guys have to be such perverts? GROW UP LAH. I really really want that nerf gun! i have no idea why but it's like stuck in my head. ~~~ It's so cooool! I want that 70+ one... But my mum scold me siao. Ohwell.......!!! I WANT I WANT!!

i should be...

I should be doing my literature from asknlearn now... but instead i'm browsing through LOL! Seriously... Putting homework online is another chance for me to use the computer... I'm like veryy easily distracted... But at least this time i actually logged into asknlearn before i forget. haha!! But the page is like there... I got my book and paper and pen ready!! But my brain isn't... Addicted to alejandro! I wanna get a tattoo that says "little monster" somewhere. I'm not really obsessed with Lady gaga but it's just kinda awesome. Hehe!!

yesterday night before i fell asleep, i saw 11:11 again.
then today in school i saw 11:11 again.
both times, i wished for katy perry to be mine.
is my wish gonna be fufilled?
i don't think so

bang bang bang

Pervertic banana. and here is some pictures of ME!!
act cute
act cute
Almost same face! LOL.

okay so now i'm using my mum's laptop again. HEHE i love typing with laptop de keyboard. SO NAICE. somemore this one right got built in webcam and the quality is not bad not bad. HAHA. Okay so now my mum is on the phone with someone and she's talking about her caucasian boss. -Jealous!- LOL. Caucasian lehhh.

Today in school was okayyy. Anyways i suddenly thought of something!! 2 of my favourite person live in the same block. One lives on the left end, one lives on the right end. One lives on the 2nd floor, one lives on the second floor counting from the back. SO AWESOME RIGHT? I feel the need to move over there and live in the middle. HAHAHA.

Some stupid woman still haven give my mum de money she earned!!! Stupid idiot. FASTER GIVE LEH. If not she cannot buy me my gun and new earpiece! Haha.
kay byeee!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


urgh. another sian until idk what to say day. i shouldn't complain that i have nothing to do because there is actually 2 things i can do. 1, study for exams. 2, clean up my room. BUT SERIOUSLY i dun wanna do that!! using my mum's lappy naozx. i totally changed her desktop background to katy perry. HEHEHE. but i have no idea how to print scrn on this thing so i'll post this picture instead. the man in the white shirt is not my dad. lol! just wanna say that.. lol kay.

so i pretty much spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing. i used the computer. played my xbox360... very very mundane except for the part where i was on the phone with my teddybearr. heh i love you!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

nobody's perfect... except for her

i know i've posted this picture before but it's so pretty T.T

so... perfect... sigh. i'm so gonna get a tattoo of her name on my wrist!! heh. i love youu.

since you don't like it, i'm not sorry. can? it's not that i don't want to tell you. it's not that i want to say nvm. it's that i really don't know. please stop mentioning him... the more you mention, the more it's not gonna help... the more it's gonna mess up my head... i'm not blaming you... i'm blaming myself... for even liking him in the first place.

Friday, April 23, 2010

i went to your facebook profile and i looked at the time
i miss you...
but the thing is that i didn't wish for you
i wished for katy perry... lol

Both knee bruised yooo. AWESOME

LOL. OKAY so today kinda suck but i laughed alot. I WAS LATE. SHIT LAH. 2 hours detention. Somemore monday NO REMEDIALS. So i'm like not skipping any remedials... ):
TODAY I BROUGHT JENGA! But before i start with that, let me say something else. WE WERE LIKE SUPERSTARS FOR AWHILE MANZX HAHA. WHY? cuz right! you know those thailand people come. then we sitting at the library, then suddenly they just came behind us and TAKE PICTURE LOL. ALOT OF PICTURE NIA. AWESOME!!! One of them touched us somemore. and mdm loo say razeenah pretty. and say me, mawaddah, hayati and chiali look the same. LOL?! (Y)
Okay so playing jenga in the library was AWESOME. why? cuz right!! Fall de time will noisy so everybody will catch it. LOL that moment is like hilarious. like don't know how many hands holding onto the thing. hehe!
The nice thing about today was that i laughed a hell lot. Almost peed my pants on several occasions. FUNNY. OH THAT REMINDS ME. THe abortion video is WAYY worst then the giving birth one. SERIOUSLY SIA. ohgod. i felt sad ):
Ohyah about my injured knees. In the art room, mavis' easel fell on my right leg. I CRIED LOL PAIN. Now blueblack~ then walking to jp de time, chiali suddenly call my name. i turned around and FELL. WAH. FALLING DOWN IN THE RAIN. From far look very poor thing one sia. LOL

My awards. LOl Okay anyways. WENT KIDDY PALACE. Omg and i totally accidently typed katy palace. if only there was a place like that. OKAY ANYWAYS!! Got the nerf gun~ I want! But america one shoot ballball nicer... but this one shoot darts also can larh. My mum say she will buy for me next week. HEHE

Anyways, SORRY TO HAYATI! Cuz i keep on accidently hitting her with the umbrella... I'm really sorry! Didn't mean to. and also accidently dropped alot of f-bombs. sorry!! and sorry to you too ):

Well i tell you my friend
one day this world's gonna end
as your lies crumble down
new life she has found~~

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm proud to say that for the first time evar, I PASSED A CHEMISTRY TEST!!! THE ALKANE ONE. LOL 17/24. NOT BAD NOT BAD EH. But my alkene test 5 marks only. HEHEHE.

History test.. FLUNK LIAO LAH. Mother tongue oral... FLUNK LIAO LAH. LOL. The thing is that I HAVE BEEN LISTENING IN CLASS. I SWEAR TO GOD I HAVE BEEN. BUT WHY AM I FLUNKING EVERYTHING? Like seriously. Last time i go home de time still alot energy to playplay. But now the moment i reach home i am like dead... Brain deaddddddd
Tomorrow after school got cs coursework... and ss test... -sigh- OH AND MATHS REMEDIAL. Mummy teach me
Katy + Perry = Katy Perry
Katy Perry = - Katy Perry
very very interesting eh. XD!!
um. kay...
i love you! bye.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lalalala, lalalala, what the hell?

Super not in the mood in the morning... Tired + warm = ARGH. I WANNA TEAR HIS FREAKING HEAD OFF HIS NECKK. Lol. kay idk what to say nowwwwwwwwww. Just now when i was going home, IT RAINED. THUNDER. Then i suddenly remembered something you told me... Then i sat there, wondering alone... Where the hell are you? You're not hereee. I want you to be here to tell me that it's okayyyyyyy.

I really really really really love Katy Perryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy until i don't know what to say. I would never really be entirely sad because whenever i see her picture or video, i just feel... happyyyyyyy. So i guess it's a good thing? lol. kay lah. enough of her. There's history test tomorrow but I'M REALLY TIRED. Has been sleeping ever since i got home... Sighhhhhhhh.

Katy Perry only completed her freshman year at her highschool and got a general degree!! Let's aim to be her xp

i dreamt of you and you're still as beautiful as evaar.

I love you Katy Perry!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


LOOK AT THIS!! JUST LOOK AT THIS. DOES THIS LOOK SEXY TO YOU?! NO! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVAR, I'M GOING TO SEE THIS. KATY PERRY DOESN'T LOOK HOT. Ohgod that kinda killed me to say. BUT SERIOUSLY. A cigarette on your hand is sexy but with a cigarette like that in your mouth IS SO URGH. This is like a picture of her at a 3rd day of an event. On the 2nd day she also had a cigarette.... SIGH. ONE PER DAY? Please nooo T.T I want you to live foreverrrr

On a brighter note, ADAM LEVINE IS SUPERMAN. I KNEW IT!!
Woot woot woot. Biology lesson today was gross beyond all reasons. IT WAS EVEN WORST THEN I EXPECTED LOL. At first the vid show the lady sitting up with her leg open bigbig. THEN SUDDENLY ZOOM IN UNTIL THE AHEM THERE. I WAS LIKE "OHMYLORD". The next thing you know, THERE WAS A HEAD THERE. OHMYGOD. -faints- I swear to god my stomach felt damn weird after it. Pukey feeling. urghh nightmares!!

Chiali keep on saying the things i write is for HIM. IT'S NOT. All those things like eg "now till forever, stay my baby" IS FOR KATY PERRY! There is no one else i love more then katy perry!! And like i told her, it's just nice to have someone to tell you "Iloveyou" every single day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blardy hot weather

WADSUPPPPP PEEEPO. Weather was seriously hot like what the hell sia... Okay so today never go school cuz needa go hospital checkup. Then right! My mum was like pulling me asking me to walk faster then my head totally banged into some guy's shoulder. At first i was like >=( then when i turn around to see the guy, i was like O.O!!! Then i was like OMG SO SORRY!! Why? Because the guy was a CAUCASIAN. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =X

Got to eat my beloved salmon today! I still love you very very much!!!! And lau sock ghim, iphone right. got 90 dollors de plan then can have the phone for 200 bucks okay!! Tell you so many times you still tell me no need plan -.- My therapist has resigned ): He's migrating to australia ): Byebye... 10 years liao leh! Now suddenly he going. SAD. Then next will be someone else to take over him :/ I DON'T WANT. I'm shy. HAHA Cuz it'll be like unfamiliar... Then i feel weirddddd. Ya know... Uhh nvm.


YAY tomorrow going to school can see my friendssssssssssssssssssss
I know you miss me, DON'T DENY. HAHAHAHA
LOL Thickskin -.-

Sunday, April 18, 2010


WAH. Coughing + headache + fever. Even when i'm not coughing or doing anything, like i'm just sitting there minding my own business, i feel as if i have difficulty breathing! Shit this. T.T GONNA WATCH WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE THE MOVIE LATER ON TV! It's the "what's what" edition. So gonna watch it yo. Selena selena gomezy~


No matter what, Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Sock Ghim, Mawaddah, Koko, Jessica and the other friends will always be infront!! So yeah. Furthermore, it's not even serious. So yeah. It's nothing~ xD I love you guys more then anything and anyone else kay!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Found this song that Katy Perry did a cover on and it's like super sexy! Cause the original version is like guy sing to girl. Then the lyrics is like SHE this and that. Then when Katy Perry changed it, she didn't change it to he. So it's like a girl singing to a girl and the song is like seriously omg LOL. It sounds super sexy lah. (Y)

Nowadays i've been tieing my hair in like the bun thingy. 2 reason why i've been doing it. 1, the weather is hot as fuck. 2, Katy Perry does that. :D

I'M OBSESSED. with myself.

Has been waking up early on saturdays and it's like okay... Well, uh. Kay. Had history and CS. AND I TOTALLY CLIMBED THROUGH THE WINDOW TO GO INSIDE CLASS HAHA. Don't underestimate me yo! SO COOL SIA. I wanna climb again LOL?! Rushed off to meet Auntie koko!! Auntie and niece outing xD

Met her and went off to VIVO! WATCHED DIARY OF A WIMPY KID YO. It's awesome! Not really like FREAKING AWESOME! But just awesome xD The tickets were like selling out so we sat in like the front row. The first first row. But guess what?! I SAT BESIDE A CAUCASIAN. HOHOHOHO. Oh god somemore he was leaning to my side. -faints-
Went to eat after that. and... TOYS R US. WAHAHA. My favourite shop evaaaar. Bought my Jenga thingy. Just in case you dunno what's that, it's the uno stacker thingy. ^^ I guess i'm just trying to relive my childhood!! LOL. And like when i was young, i always have to beg my parents for toys... Even tho they got buy for me but i always wanted to buy it myself! hehehe.

Why must you be the one who ALWAYS ruins my mood?! I know i should be happy for you but... I can't okay! So to prevent myself from being unhappy, i NEED to let go. But it's not as easy as it sounds... It's like my diary has your name all over it... BURN IT BURN ITTTTTTTT!!! But i do love you :/

horoscope for next month seems awesome. My optimism has finally paid off! So hoping this horoscope is true. Hehe.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, since i'm going to Vivo tomorrow... I might be buying the Jenga blocks if i have money!! HOHOHO. But if don't have then see got sword anot. Hehe. Forever a child at heart kayzx. Hehehehe Yep. Sore throat not pain but talk de time keep on going out of tune LOL. Which of course means that when i sing also SEVERELY OUT OF TUNE. I'm like laughing and singing sia. The tune wanna go high will go over wanna sing normal will go up down up down. Ohgod. LOL FUNNY.

I feel extremely happy. I love you guys! Today is the don't know what friendship day thing right? So yeah. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY AWESOME FRIENDS!! I really really love and appreciate you guys kay. Especially you and you! Even tho some of you don't read my blog but yeah... KAY BYE! :D


Was sick yesterday night... Today morning in school still got fever ): But subsidised after recess lerh. hehehhe. I know i really say this alot of times liao but fridays are AWESOME. So i'm not gonna let some stupid CS ruin it. Please mdm lim! Don't be sooo nice can? Any other day can have remedial whatever shit just don't let it be on friday. AND DON'T ASK WHY... lol

After school went to sports dayzxzx! Scream until sore throat liaozx. I'm so hoping neptune's gonna win!! I mean no need first, 2nd is good enough. GO NEPTUNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MUMMY. She scream until i think i lost my hearing in my left ear. LOL. Awesomezxzxzx.
Ghim don't wanna take picture ):
Desperate face
I'M TALLER HEHEHE. I LOOK SKINNEH. Lol.not really but nvm lol

Tomorrow need to go to school. 3 HOURS OF FREAKING CS. SHITTTT. CAN DIE DE SIA. Argh. Seriously cher, i really don't mind letting go of the few hours of coursework... Just let me gooo T.T

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I feel awesomeeezxzx

Biology lesson we draw cucumber!! Damn the smell was like so damn strong sia. I HATE CUCUMBERS! But if they can get rid of eyebag, i love them! SEL do da eportfolio thang. I chose like 14 jobs... Ohgod. History was awesome as usual. GO CATCHAN!! Maths was well, i didn't fall asleep xD I think i did? Not sure lol! Today went for ze maths remedialz. I swear to god i really think that mr lin burbed! Not once but thrice kay. I heard something and smelled something fishy =X

I feel extremely adorable nowadays. I LIKE HAYATI'S PHONE. Got the camera infront which is awesome?! Gonna fill up her phone with tons of my pictures. HEHE OH! And got 2 videos lerh. SO AWESOME HEHE. I LOVE YOU HAYATI's phone. LOL

Sore throat sucks. Swallowing saliva also pain like wtf. I'm still gonna sing and talk kay. Tomorrow sports day wearing JUPITARR. Which totally reminds me. NEPTUNE IN SECOND LEH. SECOND LIKE OMGWTFBBQSAUCE LOL. SECOND. WOOO. Jupiter drop to last. hehehehe. Kay bye


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nom nom nom eating bready naozx

Well today was pretty much... boring... or something lol. MR YANG IS SERIOUSLY LAME LOL. Sperm wringling around = NC16? Then those porn is what? Old81? LOL kay lame. He say next time show video of childbirth... So it's like show the baby come out of the.... thing? OHGOD. Our biology lessons are before recess god damn it! Later no appetite LOL. During english i kinda like raised my voice at miss ang? LOL. Cuz she was looking at the envelopes behind and infering whatever stuff. Then she say mine. Something like "looking at the picture, i can infer that the person is a bimbo. Nice on the outside but actually the brain empty" I WAS LIKE "DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT HER! TAKE THAT BACK" Then she seem kinda shock? then she say it's actually talking about me. SURE ANOT! If she ever dares to say Katy Perry i'll rip her apart and break xiu kai's heart. HAHAHA

Right now my brother is letting his god damn friends play MY GUITAR HERO. I mean band hero but same lah. THAT JERK. HE THAT TIME STILL SAY "IT'S YOURS NOT MINE. I'M NOT PLAYING WITH IT SO I'M NOT GONNA PAY FOR IT" OKAY LAH THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LETTING YOUR FRIENDS PLAY. DOUCHEBAG. I'm very bothered about that can anot. I love my guitar! If anything happens to it, they'll pay me back with a whole new band hero kit. WAHAHAHHA

imy :D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I want you ):

It's good. Yepyep.

Nowadays it's pretty damn awesome! Except for times when i'm alone... I'll think too much and become sad. LOL But other then that it's good. Veryvery goood. Happy is me! But i'm still extremely tired tho... Need sleep... I don't know what to say lerh :/
I want Katy Perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I don't want to like you because you're an idiot. butbutbutbut... urgh. Maybe some things are better left unsaid. Goodbye bloggy. Hello diary!

WOO. I've cleared some of my debts. HAHA. Now i still owe chloride 2 bucks, sockghim 20 bucks and my brother 50bucks! I need to buy Maths Textbook 4B and Comprehension 10 Year Series... I want to buy new headphones and i still want an iPhone!

Zhihuay say the more she look at me, the more i look like Katy Perry. WOOOO. FUCKING AWESOME! katy katy perry! katy katy perry~

Gaga's computer got something wrong... Can't connect to internet... I am sad ):