Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'M OBSESSED. with myself.

Has been waking up early on saturdays and it's like okay... Well, uh. Kay. Had history and CS. AND I TOTALLY CLIMBED THROUGH THE WINDOW TO GO INSIDE CLASS HAHA. Don't underestimate me yo! SO COOL SIA. I wanna climb again LOL?! Rushed off to meet Auntie koko!! Auntie and niece outing xD

Met her and went off to VIVO! WATCHED DIARY OF A WIMPY KID YO. It's awesome! Not really like FREAKING AWESOME! But just awesome xD The tickets were like selling out so we sat in like the front row. The first first row. But guess what?! I SAT BESIDE A CAUCASIAN. HOHOHOHO. Oh god somemore he was leaning to my side. -faints-
Went to eat after that. and... TOYS R US. WAHAHA. My favourite shop evaaaar. Bought my Jenga thingy. Just in case you dunno what's that, it's the uno stacker thingy. ^^ I guess i'm just trying to relive my childhood!! LOL. And like when i was young, i always have to beg my parents for toys... Even tho they got buy for me but i always wanted to buy it myself! hehehe.

Why must you be the one who ALWAYS ruins my mood?! I know i should be happy for you but... I can't okay! So to prevent myself from being unhappy, i NEED to let go. But it's not as easy as it sounds... It's like my diary has your name all over it... BURN IT BURN ITTTTTTTT!!! But i do love you :/

horoscope for next month seems awesome. My optimism has finally paid off! So hoping this horoscope is true. Hehe.

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