Saturday, July 31, 2010

I have come to a conclusion. If i could turn back time, will i still go to read Katy Perry's blog and fall in love with her? No. I won't. I would close the newspaper and live my life as per normal. I'm sorry Katy Perry but i can't do this anymore ): I wanna lose my memory leh. So many things i don't want to know and remember... Gawd...

ashholes and zombies

YO. Today morning woke up to go to school to watch TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD! It was not bad only that some scene like very random... Suddenly the Bob Ewell come out scold Atticus YOU NIGGER LOVER then go away. Like whaat? Don't you have anything better to do? Lol okay anyways, after that GHIM MOH AND KOKO CAME TO MY HOUSE! To play Left 4 Dead 2 . LOLS. I'm sorry but i can't help but to feel agitated when i'm teaching people stuff -.- And playing L4D is really really tiring siaa. Gawdd. Anyways, here are some pictures of my hamster.
CUTE RIGHT? IT'S LYING ON IT'S BACK AND EATING. GOSH I LOVE YOU FATTY! And Koko ask me to change his name to something more uh civilised? Cuz this is like very demoralised. Fatty fatty fat fat! Love you!!
Okay so as some of you know liao, I'M FUCKING GONNA SEE KATY PERRY. Somehow, i don't really feel the excitement... I'm actually kinda sian... I feel tired. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU JASMIN GOH. IT'S KATY PERRY. But now i'm just really tired sia... Maybe cuz it's my mum's nagging that's driving me insane or maybe it's cuz of the people who doesn't understand how obsessed i am over Katy Perry or maybe cuz i know i'll probably be standing rather far from the stage... You know. I want physical contact with this sexy woman!!

LOL. Too much? Yeah. Nevermind, i'll probably faint when i see her. Gawd. Let's just hope that... The people don't all run...? And all rush to stand infront? CHillax people... Chillax! I HOPE IT RAINS SO NOT EVERYOEN WILL BE WILLING TO STAND IN THE RAIN HEHEHE. Furthermore, i'm like going alone. Scary. And i don't know what time to go o.o So many thingy. GAWD. I want her like you know... to be like mine... Which is never gonna happen anyways


P.S Which part of "I AM FUCKING OBSESSED WITH KATY PERRY" do you not understand? Haven't i made it clear enough? I am willing to give up my whole life for this woman. I am willing to take all the pain for her. I am willing to do anything for her! Do you understand? You probably think i'm crazy or whatever but you know what? S C R E W Y O U. So fucking pissed with everyone and their questioning and their doubting expressions and their whatever crap. W H A T E V ER !! ! ! !!

Ohoh and to you who sent me this message "Actually someone wanted to give me the singfest tix for day 1 but i didn't take it" Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? Now i can't be bothered with that but seriously, you need to grow the fuck up. I heard what you told the other guy to say. When i didn't have the singfest tickets, you kept on using the word SINGFEST to taunt me. How old are you? 5? Motherfucker sia you. SHOO

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm so fucking happy right now i can't even feel a thing when i was bathing and the water was fucking pouring on my wound from the fall i had this morning. I'm so fucking happy that i can't even be bothered that i lost my ezlink card. I'm so fucking happy that i can't even be bothered with my mum pouring cold water on me. I'm so fucking happy i feel the need to fucking rape someone. Thank you so so much.

Do i believe in miracles? Yes. Do i believe in 11:11 wishes? Yes. Am i gonna get affected by those people who are always pouring cold water on me? No. Am i fucking happy right now? You bet your arse i am.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey guys. It's official. The shittyness begins right now... Please pardon me... I'm so fucking... sad......

Singing out loud makes me happy (:

I'm looking foward to a very shitty week (: Actually, this week is starting to get shitty also... Ahhh. Fml. Now when i need you the most, you're not here. Where are you? I love you ): Anyways. this picture of Katy Perry looks so oh my god... It makes me wanna bow down to her... Like seriously... I can imagine a row of people standing or even KNEELING at the sides saying ALL HAIL KATY PERRY. I would totally do that....

Long wordy rant post thang

Ohkay so i got home feeling pretty pissed off. I have no idea why. But i feel the need to rant. I feel the need to talk about certain kinds of people that just bloody fucking piss me off.

Firstly, it's people who are racist. I can't even... They are just so bloody fucking idiotic. You hate someone because they pray to a different god and have a different skin colour? That's like so... IMMATURE!! Like please lah!! To me it doesn't make any sense!! We're all humans right?! Same whaatt. You hate them for what? What the frack have they ever done to you? Did their god kick your god's arse? It's okay if you think that your god is more superior but you don't have to look down on other people's whaat! I MEAN THEY'RE STILL GODS! Or whatever!! GODDD. Same amount of god-liness!!

Secondly, it's people who are homophobic!! They cringe at the thought of lesbians and gay. Like i said before... STILL HUMAN WHAT! They are just 2 human beings being in love!! Say what cuz god create people is like one half guy one half girl then kena seperate then now they have to find that other person. Hello! God is only superhuman. He can make mistakes one whuat. What if he just accidently messed up and put 2 same sex of people together? Huh? And again, WHAT DID THEY EVER DO TO YOU? They like each other, not like you what. They don't even fucking care about you. At least they're HAPPY. Not like you. Living in your own small little well and the only thing you can see is that little piece of the big blue sky. Pathetic.

Then there are some old people. I'm just saying SOME. Not all. There are those old people that are just plain freaking HORRIBLE. HEY! BEING OLD DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHTS TO BE RUDE! Yes, i know you're an elderly and we should like respect you BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN TREAT US LIKE CRAP! Like we smile to you and be nice and we don't even get a thank you? GAWD!!

Then it's my parents... I know you guys are on bad terms now but do i really have to be your messenger? They'll always be like "Eh tell your dad to do this do that" when he is right there!! RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU. JUST FUCKING GO UP TO HIM AND TELL HIM. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK TO HIM, HE DON'T WANNA TALK TO YOU, WHEN THE FUCK IS THIS WHOLE SHIT GONNA GET BETTER?

And then there's bloggers with horrible english. I'm not saying that my english is purrrfect of anything but at least i can pass my english!!! Those really horribles ones are like... They say things like... okay wait here's a real life example of a kinda famous blogger guy
"Life is shortness, World is Cruel... 3 second of smile can led you to 30 years of sadness... Well, movie started with the year 1976, Tangshan city area. Family get destroy due to earthquake purpose, ground flooded with bloods and tears and dead bodies."
Ohmygosh. I don't even....

Ohkay i should really stop now... I'm really sorry if i offended anyone here hor... But if you're a racist and homophob and you're offended, you fucking deserved it. PEACE OUT HOME DAWG~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

must have cute

Finally got the pictures from my phone to here. Ta da. Here you go. Woke him up from his sleep xD
It's been awhile since i last took a picture of myself so... here i go!
Angry bread is angry.
Eating underneath a palm tree! LOL. There's small palm tree thingy behind... Yeah... You know... California Gurls... Laying underneath a palm tree... This auntie here is eating underneath it... lolol. THE NOODLE BECOME FATFAT LIAO! MUST FASTER EAT! Lol.
Ohmygosh. My hand is so adorable! I'm in loveee
Sitting in a very... unglam way... Tsktsktsk. I tell her to sit properly liao she don't want listen... So this picture shall be her punishment. Wahahaha.

Aww. I wanna fall asleep with you ):

Oh and... CHINCHILLAS ARE SO FUCKING ADORABLE? They look like big versions of hamsters and hamsters are freaking adorable so big versions of hamster equals to big amount of cuteness! Ohgosshh.

Fell asleep infront of the com while listening and viewing pictures of Katy Perry again... Why the hell does that always happen? Loll.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Katy Perry stuffs... lol

watching this interview thang of Katy Perry. Her 2 favourite queen songs are 2 of my favourite queen songs...! And her favourite junk food is MACDONALD'S CHICKEN NUGGETS. Her favourite fruit is PINEAPPLES! I can deal with that. My mum is freaking nagging me while i'm watching it. shut up... LOL Got one question is from a person named "xxxselenagomezfanxx" So she's like a Katy and Selena fan... We can be friendss!! And she doesn't like her bottom teeth cuz it's kinda messed up BUT I DON'T THINK IT IS!! I still think you're purrfecttt!! I lurve youu

My nose is so fucked up right now... Don't know use how many tissue liao... And i'm so damn tired......... ):

I'm sending all my love to you

Despite California Gurls being number 5 on the itunes chart, the video is still number 1 there and Teenage Dream is slowly rising up. GO KATY PERRY! I believe that you can do it! I lurve you...

And i think i'm gonna have a mental breakdown soon... I just wanna give such a big fucking sigh. I know what you guys are saying. You've been through worst, you've been through the same, this is nothing... To you it's nothing but to me it's... a very big thing... I know you've experienced it before... At least your pain is fucking over... Mine is not okay? It's not...

why do you always make me feel like i'm the one that's crazy?

So frigging pissed right now cuz my phone saved all my pictures in the phone instead of the memory card. And i can't fucking transfer my the pictures from my phone to the computer!! Why? CAUSE MY PHONE IS A MOTHERFUCKING PAIN IN THE ARSE. DAMN.

Whenever someone takes my Katy Perry stuff, the only thing that's going through my mind is "GIMME BACK GIMME BACK" so i pretty much don't think about what i'm gonna do... I'm just gonna do whatever i can to get my stuff back!! And when i'm talking to you, i hear the words but all i could think is we should be together~ Sounds familiar? LOL! Okay lah.. Don't hate me ): It's how i am!!

I don't think my sprained ankle is EVER gonna keep better. Just as it was healing, i fell again. Twice actually... Damn. I fucking hate CS ): I'm so fucking tired.....!!! 7 more days... Why is time moving so fucking slowly? Kill me now please x.x

Anyways, now i totally understand the line of the song "YOUR LOVE YOUR LOVE YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUGGG" because it really is... I got overdosed just now and felt abit lightheaded for a moment. Then now i'm freaking craving for it... Oh gosh...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Wuz browsing through tumblr and saw someone post a picture of selena with the caption "FUCK YES, SHE'S LEGAL. BEST DAY EVER." LOLS. I realise it's been a longlong time since i said something bout her... Even during her birthday i never say anything nia! Finefine. I shall say something now. FUCK YES. YOU'RE LEGAL. 18 and nowhere to go but up! I don't care what other people think. Your acting and singing pwns the shit outta Demi and Miley! SCREW THEM! I lurve youuu!

It's weird how much i can freaking miss my hamster... During school hours i was like damn i miss fatty so damn much! I wanna touchy touchy him! My fat arse hammy! I LURVE YOUU!

No words are needed for this

monday bruised

Last night, i packed my bag nicely and ironed my clothes. I went to bed with a feeling that says "HEY! It's monday tomorrow! I'mma kick monday's arse." but i woke up the next morning with my arse kicked by monday... Fucking alarm clock didn't fucking ring and it was fucking raining. Got 2 hours detention and it was boring as shit... Damn you alarm clock... Damn you to hell... Had a little moodswing during recess... Probably because it suddenly hit me... 8 more days... T.T THE PAIN!! THE PAINN! And i'm going down later to check mailbox got my magazine anot!! PLEASE BE THERE. I'M FUCKING BEGGING YOUUUUUUUU.
I got early released from detention cuz i was a good girl! Like seriously!! OM Chan say one. HAHA. I sound like i just got early released from jail for early behaviour... pfft. after that went tuh ze julong point with the ghim moh and the chlorine. Fuck sia... That time i remember Harris have the Billboard magazine. THEN THIS MONTH ONE IS KATY PERRY LEH. THEN DON'T HAVE WAHLAU. Tempted... to.... buy on ebay.... again... Should i? Should i?
I have KatyP in my bag, in my file and now also in my wallet! Booyahzx. I feel safe (:

It's so hard to resist you when you look me in the eyes tonight~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

No regrets, just love.

Do you have any idea how much i freaking love you? The love i feel for you is as much as the love i feel for Katy Perry and that's a hell lot... I hugged my mum just now and i tried imagining it to be you... Ahhhh. I need you so so much. I should stop. HERE ARE SOME PICTURES!!
SIANZX TOMORROW IS MONDAY AGAIN! I hate mondays... All the shitty lessons are on mondays! MANZX. I should really stop complaining and do something more productive hor. Yesyes i should. But i'm lazy!! ANd i love my fatty hammy so muchh!
I got this to make up for my Esquire Magazine... While waiting for that to arrive, i shall use this to make up for that empty hole in my heart. HAHA! Please let me get it tomorrow... Pleaseeeeee!!

Currently watching CORALINE! It's scary sia! I mean it's like a cartoon for kids but it's so damn scary... and got one part damn funny sia. The lady has like hugeee bewbs and she's wearing 2 shells infront of them. HILARIOUS. Ohgosh... The other mother is scaring me... T.T Scawy. I want my mummy ):

The first picture just killed me... Oh my gosh. I love you so so much ):

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just one touch,

Fucking awesome. I lurve you guys yo! Cause some of the Katycats kinda agree with this rule to lurve people who luve Katy Perry! Like yer know. So... You luve Katy Perry, i lurve you!

Now all i can think of is Katy Perry in tight fitting clothing. Damn the song -.- Damn you and your sexyness! I lurve youzx!

Somehow i feel like WHY CAN"T KATY PERRY HAVE LIKE HER OWN TV SHOW? If not i can get to like see her on tv so many times... Awesome right? My sexy sexy wifey! I lurve lurve lurve youuu!

I wanna scream the song in your face! I LOVE YOU~ :D

I should be happy for you since you're happy eh? BUT. You're not even happy!! Unless if i have legit evidence that you are really happy with how that person is treating you now, i will let go. I will! But the problem is that person doesn't even seem to be appreciating you! HELLO. CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT'S RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU? Such an awesomeawesome person... Why can't you just see? If i were you, i wouldn't make them sad. I wouldn't. I would give them everything i've got and make them happy!! Lol kay bye.


she got my heart racing in her skintight jeans

I need a bigger picture of this. Can't freaking wait lah wahliew. EVERYTIME ALSO WANT ME TO WAITWAITWAIT. I am so sian of waiting... But there's no other choice... I have to wait...

Oh and 22 July was Selena Gomez's birthday
Yesterday was Blake Lewis' birthday?
I don't have much to say except for uh.. Happy birthday and i love you guys forevaarr! Hoho

Friday, July 23, 2010

KATY PERRY'S NEW SONG IS OUTTTTTT. Is it just me or like every single song of her's that i've heard from the new album has a sexual meaning in it? Hot. Can't wait for the album lah. Dying from waiting!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to go listen to it! It's called Teenage Dream~


Heart heart heartbreakk~

On 3rd August is Aries' lucky day... So when you guys are having a good fun time... Please don't forget to cheer me up... I'll really really really need it on that day... Okay then here are some pictures! She likes taking unglam pictures of me and Hayati & CL likes to take stupid videos of me. Tsktsktsk.


Anyways... It's not who you think it is larh... The "you" at my blog is not refering to him! It's not! I swear to god it's not lah. LOL!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So my mum was reading the newspaper about those people going crazy over jay chou. Then she was like telling my brother
"Eh, later my meimei will like that anot ah?" [Obviously refering to me]
So i slowly turned my head towards her direction. I SLOWLY turned there for the more evil effect and said
"I already am"
Then she was like "Ahh no need like that one leh."
"I already am. Seriously. It's too late!!"
Then she continued saying then i was like
Then she was like "Hate me then go ask Katy Perry be your mum loh"
Then i was like "It's not that i don't want, it's that i can't okay?"
Stop questioning me about my love for her can anot.... She's just awesome... She's my everything. I am willing to dieee for her. Okay? Freaking irritating...

You can say you don't like Katy Perry but you can't say things like she's not pretty or not sexy. You can not like her but you can't say false things about her!! The truth is she is beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, amazing, breathtaking and whatever good words you have to describe her. If you say that she doesn't have a nice voice, not pretty, not sexy, YOU'RE FUCKING LYING. Don't fucking lie about Katy Perry.

wake me up when the world ends

Today i went out and got myself a tattooo!!!!!
LOL jk but i would like one tho... Like i'm fucking desperate for one...

ANYWAYS, EEW WTF IS WITH ME AND THOSE LOVE STUFF -.- DON'T CARE DON'T CARE. LOL. Jasmin does not dabble in the lurveee world. I only indulge myself in my fantasy world where Katy Perry is my one and only wifey. Whatever that means. In awkward situations, daydream about your idols!! That never fails for me... LOL!

But seriously, thanks anyways.

I WANNA FUCKING STOP STUDYING. I don't fucking mind if i'm that kid who grows up infront of the computer. You know? Like those 30 year old people who are still in their basement with an internet connection doing whatever. You call that having no life!? I CALL THAT HAVING A FUCKING LIFE. Not really but... Ahhh........ Just... I don't wanna live in this fucking reality lah -.-

baby get down down down~

Ohkay. I didn't go to school today because i didn't want to see you... Because seeing you will only make me continue loving you and i don't want to T.T But i can't avoid it forever... Oh well... When all else fails, i've got Katy Perry here with me. I love you wifeyyyyyyyyyyy.

ahh damn it's just gonna happen all over again. You do something mean to me, i hate you, then i get pissed at you and i say i don't love you, i see you the next day, you talk and smile and laugh to me, i love you again and the you'll do something mean to me again and the whole thing just does on and on and on. Fuck my life.

why do you do what you do to me?



Wahlau. I missed the thingy. Turns out that it was at 4.30am instead of 7.30. Curse you america and your oh-so-confusing timing!!! Argh. NEVERMIND. At least there's a picture of the album cover posted online liao.
TA DA. SEXY RIGHT?! My gosh. Furthermore there's not gonna be any words on the cover. No album title and no have her name. Just this picture there. Can't freaking waitttttttttt!!! And speaking of album covers, here is Maroon 5's album cover!!!

TA DA. Yah i know it's abit scary but it fits the album title! And it's another naked lady................... Uhh..... First is naked Katy Perry on the cover now it's another naked lady on this cover..... Wow. Then next is Selena Gomez de album gonna come out. Don't tell me have naked woman again LOL.

Later the CD shop de people thought i pervert sia... Both times buy de album also got naked woman. Nevermind nevermind. AHH WHY TIME MOVE SO SLOW. FASTERRRRRRR

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's been alot of coincidences lately... Like today... In the morning, i took the bus and got this lady sit beside me. Then just now go home de time, THE SAME LADY SAT BESIDE ME WTF. Actually this time is i sit beside her BUT SAME LADY LEH. She's prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Loll. Then when i changed bus, the lady beside me is carrying a handbag version of my bag... Then a few days ago in the lift, there was this girl carrying the same kind of bag as me except that her's is red but we had the exact same keychain. Lastly, me and ghimghim de ethnic costume thingy is almost same colour worrrr. So interestingggggggggg

YESHHH. My esquire magazine is gonna be delivered in 2 days or so... CAN'T FREAKING WAITTTTTTTTTTT!!!! And there's this unveiling of katy perry's album cover LIVE on her website and the timing is so confusing!! Apparently america got 2 types of typing... ET and PT... One write 1.30pm another one is 4.30pm... I see singapore one the time is either 4.30am or 7.30am? I DON'T KNOW!!! Gonna try seeing at both timings... (: Isn't she just so adorable?? Don't look too close into this picture... Cause you can actually... uhh kay nvm. lolll

I is eating hamburger shaped sweet. nomnomnom

TOMORROW IS SELENA GOMEZY'S BIRTHDAY. SHE'S 18 LERH! WOO. Older and prettier than Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Hohoho

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just finished watching THE MAKING OF CALIFORNIA GURLS. So awesome. You never fail to make me happy. I love you wifey! Vaccuming! LOL. Come my house help me vaccum please. Kthxbai.

I love KP, you love KP, I love you.

It's scary yet awesome how almost everyone knows i like Katy Perry liaw. LOL. I mean like at first Yue Long know then Jessica de sister also know O.O I am like ohkayy... Is actually cuz they got add me on facebook so... Yah... BUT STILL. Weird sia. Like someone i barely know will be reminded of me when they see Katy Perry. For that, i thank you. Maybe next will be Mr Giam coming up to tell me "Hey, I like Katy Perry too!" -faints-


Why do i feel like Miss Ang is like picking on me? Lol. Morning when she step on the bee, she wanna disturb me. Then english she also wanna disturb me. Then Literature de time also wanna disturb me. Pssh. What did i ever do to you? loll It's coming closer and closer... I don't think my heart can take it anymore... It's falling apart againnn. The glues, scotchtapes, staplers and plasters can't hold on anymore... I am in misery... There ain't nobody who can comfort me...

"My friends tell me they love their idols as much as i love Katy Perry. I don't think they do." - Katycats

Everytime i come home, i'm afraid to look at my hamster because i'm scared that it might be not moving... You know? As in totally not moving... It's hard for me to be serious with my friends... To make things worst, it's youu. How can i? Lol. I'm sorry if i made you pekchek or anything. I'm trying... I'm really trying...

I haz craving for alot of food recently... Mehhh. Tomorrow racial harmony day wor. I would like to call myself as very racial harmonious cuz i have indian, malay and chinese friends! LOL. Close friends somemore wor. Hehe.

I don't mind if you don't ^^