Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wahlau. I missed the thingy. Turns out that it was at 4.30am instead of 7.30. Curse you america and your oh-so-confusing timing!!! Argh. NEVERMIND. At least there's a picture of the album cover posted online liao.
TA DA. SEXY RIGHT?! My gosh. Furthermore there's not gonna be any words on the cover. No album title and no have her name. Just this picture there. Can't freaking waitttttttttt!!! And speaking of album covers, here is Maroon 5's album cover!!!

TA DA. Yah i know it's abit scary but it fits the album title! And it's another naked lady................... Uhh..... First is naked Katy Perry on the cover now it's another naked lady on this cover..... Wow. Then next is Selena Gomez de album gonna come out. Don't tell me have naked woman again LOL.

Later the CD shop de people thought i pervert sia... Both times buy de album also got naked woman. Nevermind nevermind. AHH WHY TIME MOVE SO SLOW. FASTERRRRRRR

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