Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's been alot of coincidences lately... Like today... In the morning, i took the bus and got this lady sit beside me. Then just now go home de time, THE SAME LADY SAT BESIDE ME WTF. Actually this time is i sit beside her BUT SAME LADY LEH. She's prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Loll. Then when i changed bus, the lady beside me is carrying a handbag version of my bag... Then a few days ago in the lift, there was this girl carrying the same kind of bag as me except that her's is red but we had the exact same keychain. Lastly, me and ghimghim de ethnic costume thingy is almost same colour worrrr. So interestingggggggggg

YESHHH. My esquire magazine is gonna be delivered in 2 days or so... CAN'T FREAKING WAITTTTTTTTTTT!!!! And there's this unveiling of katy perry's album cover LIVE on her website and the timing is so confusing!! Apparently america got 2 types of typing... ET and PT... One write 1.30pm another one is 4.30pm... I see singapore one the time is either 4.30am or 7.30am? I DON'T KNOW!!! Gonna try seeing at both timings... (: Isn't she just so adorable?? Don't look too close into this picture... Cause you can actually... uhh kay nvm. lolll

I is eating hamburger shaped sweet. nomnomnom

TOMORROW IS SELENA GOMEZY'S BIRTHDAY. SHE'S 18 LERH! WOO. Older and prettier than Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Hohoho

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