Monday, May 31, 2010

Restless heart syndrome

Bad things has way of creeping up to you... Like when you least expect it, they'll just pop right out. Yer know? You thought that everything is fine but when you turn around, there it is. Right beside you. And it fucking messes with my headddd.

I think in a battle between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Lady Gaga will win. Seriously. Sigh. As much as i hate to admit it, Lady Gaga has a higher chance of winning :/ Cuz Lady Gaga is like satanic and whatever and Katy Perry is like a more christian-ish person... Yer knoww??

I wonder what's it like to faint and be drunk :/ Just curious yer know. Then ghim say put the dunno what thing at the cigarette and smoke will damn shuang one. LOL I'm just sayinggg. No intentions to do it... yet... I'M SO BORED and i miss you ):

Katy Perry never fails to make me feel weird. I love youuu! And jessica mama say if you love someone and you don't know why means you really love that person. if you love that person and you know why, it's actually admiring, not love. so yeah. I sincerely LOVE katy perry!! Not admire kay. ^^

wordyyyy. Gonna go pack my bag and stuff and gonna sleep liaw. Goodbye and goodnight peepo...

Aftereffects? Pizza blanket! WANT.

Lol sucks when you were like SUPERR HYPERR for like 15 minutes then after that you're just like x.x TIRED SIOL. Just now laugh until i literally cried but now we're all like half dead. MOTHER TONGUE O LEVEL IS OVARR. Hahaha. Still got alot more to go. Sighhh. SO TIRED. Pulau Semakau trip seems :/ Must walk in the water WTF.

I think i'm probably gonna sleep when my hair dries. Then i'll pack my bags and stuff then i'll go and sleep till tomorrow morningg ^^ And i won't be lonely cuz i haz 14 Katy Perry, 1 Taylor Lautner and 1 Selena Gomez to accompany me (:

I love you wifeyyyyyyyyyyyy. You're too perfectttttttttt~ I wanna be with you forever yo! :D

Sunday, May 30, 2010

katy therapy xD

Urgh, why must you guys always bring me down. WIFEY WHERE ARE YOU!! I need youu naozxzx

Because... she's Katy Perry?

"...The second reason i watch the Grammys was Katy Perry because her name is Katy Perry and her body looks like it's Katy Perry's..." - sxephil

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Yer know. I never told you this but i've always thought that you were right. Like every time we quarrelled about something, in the end i would always think that i'm the one at fault. Everything you do has a good reason behind it. I'm the person who is at fault. I'm the person who misunderstood your kind intentions. I'm not being sarcastic!! I'm seriously serious. Because everytime you'll give me a good reason for doing all those things and make me feel super guilty... Yer know? I don't know if you know what i mean but yeah... There, i said it! lol.

And yes, i do get jealous SUPER easily. I'm sorryyyyy


WEEE! Currently watching Wizards Of Waverly Place! I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ! She's a blardy good actress and she's prettyyyy. Hahaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday, May 28, 2010

Random #3

Just now i was in the toilet, squatting there doing my business then i was thinking... My favourite numbers are 2 and 5. Then i suddenly realise, Katy Perry's birthday is on 25 October! 25!! 2 and 5 = 25!! Interestinggggg


Thank you for making me smile every single day. I love you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eh heh.

OMG. Katy Perry likes the same basketball team as Adam Levine... The Los Angeles Lakers... Ohmygod. It's like they're meant to be together but they're not together. Katy! Adam is funny and hairy like Russell yer know. I'm just suggesting. haha. Can someone like give me qns about Katy Perry? I wanna see if i can answer anot... LOL.

Oh my gawdddd

Katy Perry. Naked in a bath tub with a pizza. I am... speechless. It looks delicious... I'm refering to the pizza. Or am i? LOL. What the hell larh. I'm sorry if this is disturbing... BUT SRSLY. KATY PERRY. NAKED IN A BATH TUB WITH PIZZA. I so want to be that person who took the picture. LOLOL. I'm so sorry... BUT SRSLY!! KATY PERRY NAKED IN A BATH TUB WITH A PIZZA. Ohmygoddd. HAHA

So call the last day of school. Meh.

Once again, i feel retarded. Why? Cause right there was this LOCAL band called the Saw Losers and i kinda like them. It's like the only local band i like. THEN RIGHT. For some weird ass reasons, i thought they were in the USA. LOCAL BAND. In the USA. What the fuck was i thinking?! Then i just saw the lead singer posted a vid in youtube and it's in SINGAPORE.

HOW CAN I NOT REALISE THAT SUCH A HOT CAUCASIAN GUY WHO SINGS AND IS IN A BAND LIVES IN SINGAPORE OHMYGOD. Hello! IT'S A LOCAL BAND. Local = SINGAPORE, you dumb... I still remember you kay, Lucky Valentine! Ohwellllllll. I'm hungryy.

I feel empty suddenly. Cause everyone is gone... You're gone. You're gone, you're gone and were you even here? OHBTW SOCKGHIM. I still have that chocolate sweet thing i bought from IKEA. HAHA

It's time...

It's time again for me to lie down on my bed and stare at you until i eventually fall asleep. Then i'll wake up again, and the first thing i'll see is you again. (: Goodbye and goodnight, my love.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the kind of girl you could only ever dream of

Lol. Currently in the process of cheering up. Just got off the phone with RABBIT AND MONKEY! Heee. And now listening to KATY PERRY de song!! Yesyesyes. Katy Perry never ever lets me downn~~ I would love you even more if you go here to vote for California Gurls!!! It rised up like damn fast? Yesterday was only a few percent but today it's tied with ALEJANDRO! I'm sorry Lady Gaga, even tho i love you, I love Katy Perry more! First pirority!!

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. HAHA. I mean even if you don't want to, if she comes and ask you for it, will you reject? YOU BETTER NOT. LOL. Kidding larh. I love youuuuuu :D

The day Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson dies shall be the day Goh Jia Min Jasmin dies too. I'm DEAD serious. LOL.

Nowadays my brain suddenly sotsot liao. Like i keep saying and doing all those um wrong stuff. If you know what i mean... Hormones going crazy LOL. I'VE REACHED PUBERTY T.T NO LAH idk what im saying :/

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snap it, bend it and burn it.

I feel so super cranky right now. Maybe it's because i'm super fucking tired... And i'm jealous of those people Katy Perry kissed. I want her so bad T.T And also maybe it's because my mum doesn't allow me to not go to school. Or maybe its because of those eunuchs out there. Or maybe it's because i have no idea what to do with my life. Or maybe it's because of those dreams and ambitions i'll never achieve. Or maybe it's because my hamster is a fucking picky eater. YOU'LL EAT WHATEVER I GIVE YOU AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT. Or maybe it's because of the super slow internet speed. Or maybe it's because i'm so sick of studying. Or maybe it's because i'm so fucking sick of every single fucking thing in this fucking world. I screamed fuck infront of my mother... I don't care larh. Scold me then scold larh... I'm a bad daughter eh? I bet you wish you didn't have gave birth to me right. I'm a fucking burden who doesn't fucking do any chores. Yeah I also wish you had strangled me at birth so i wouldn't be going through all this shit right now. Thanks alot.

Not cool manzx. NOT COOL.

I suddenly remember something really important i want to say. Now, i'm sorta like extremely pissed at GOH XIU KAI. WHY? Cuz she say Katy Perry looks like the ghost from the movie "The Ring". WHAT THE FUCKK. Jasmin is not amused.Yeah, i laughed while i scolded you back but i'm dead fucking serious. It's not funny. How dare you compare my Katy Perry to a ghost? Did i compare your Miss ang to a ghost or monster or animal?! DID I?!!! NO. SO WHY ARE YOU COMPARING MY KATY PERRY TO A GHOST. WHYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. TELL ME WHY. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. As much as i like talking and joking with you, that wasn't cool. Seriously. Not. Awesome.

For some weird reasons, i've been scolding LOADS of vulgarities nowadays. All the "fuck" and "cb" are coming back. But i don't see "fuck" as a vulgarity leh. I mean it's not necessarily rude... I mean Katy Perry uses it... So it's okay (:

want your bad romance

WHAT IS UP PEOPLE. Yesterday night's weather was FUCKING warm. I woke up at 1am. fuck. Then i woke up at 2am. Fuck. Then i woke up at 3am. FUck. Then i woke up at 4am. FUCk. Then i woke up at 5am again FUCK!!! I BARELY SLEPT SIOL. Which explains the heavy eye bags today. Lack of sleep = eye bags and SUPER HYPER JASMINNNN. Okay so got the chinese intensive training. Bored like what the hell have anot! The good thing is Mdm loo loo buy bread bread for us to eat. HAHA. Nomnomnom. But it was seriously BORING... But must jia you for the chinese o level loh. MUST RELEASE MY POTENTIAL like what loo loo say. HAHA
Today the different poly came! WHY NO TEMASEK? SERIOUSLY? Now i'm KINDA considering SP or RP. IT SEEMS AWESOME. Mass com or media? Is it the same? I have no idea. I wanna be a dj! So next time you open radio got me there. HAHA. AWESOME RIGHT. Miss me can just open radio ^^
I wrote "Katy Perry, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson" on my hand and the guy at 7 eleven saw and he was like "Tattoo ah?" I was like "LOL. no." then he was like "Pen righttt" LOL. I'll get a real one and let you see manzx. YOU WAIT! Oh and TODAY CLASS PHOTO TAKING I SIT BESIDE MUMMY AND YATII. AWESHUMZX. Happy is jasmin.
I love sunflowers. For a person who don't like flowers, i really really love sunflowers. THEY MAKE ME SMILE~ So pretty pretty. And my mum learning how to arrange flowers so she totally brought some sunflowers home. Pretty pretty i likey ^^

I really really love you like a hell lot but why you zhong se qing you? I am sad... But i still love youuu! Argh, damn. In another totally unrelated matter, i hate him when you guys keep on mentioning him and stuff but when i'm talking to him like one on one, i'm so in love again. HAHA. CRAP SIA. Okay lame. I'm gonna sleep early tonighttt. SHOO EYEBAGS SHOO!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Red eyed monstarrrr

So today i was absent from school due to ze sore eyez. So i just stayed at home all day with MY BROTHERRRRRRRRR. HE PONTENG!! HAHA. He is awesome larh!! Like now right, me and him at home then my dad is like beside... So we cannot talk openly if not our dad hear... So we're talking through msn when he is like right infront of me LOL. THEN STILL SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT MY DAD ZOMG!! Haha. Okay lah. TOMORROW GONNA GO SCH. Cuz photo taking! Die also must go. GOodbyeeezxxx

Oh and i shouldn't play those games where you need to compete with people... Cuz i was playing just now... Then i keep on scolding fuck when ppl overtake me or when i fall LOL. LIKE SERIOUSLY. SO MANY!! I'm so sorry. LOL!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Urgh, i'm bored.

Have i ever mentioned that Ke$ha was in Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl video? Ta da. Ke$ha's legs looks uber scary... LOL. Like seriously!! Addicted to the song Blah blah blah wtf! The song is like WRONG?! Don't be a little bitch with your chitchat, just show my where your dick's at. WTF?! LOL. Then mtv is seriously lame. They censored the part where she sang the part but below they show the lyrics. and yes the word dick and bitch is still there. So what's the point? It's like when they censore the lesbian kissing scenes in Telephone and Jershey Shore. HELLO! I can see still that their face are like together. They are obviously kissing... No point sia srsly.

So random o.o

Okay so i had this rather weird dream. It's seriously weird!! LIKE SO RANDOM SIA. Okay here i go

The dream started with me sitting at a bus stop outside Singapore Poly? I was waiting for a bus on my way to the airport cuz i was going to France to watch a play. I remember my flight time was 12.30pm!! Like seriously. Then beside me was Mawaddah! Then i wait for bus until i wanna die already so i took a taxi. When i got on the taxi, beside me suddenly become Sock Ghim o.o Then reach the airport de time i went to buy food. Then there was 3 counters mah. The person at the first counter was JANE LYNCH.
The lady from GLEE! Then right i was totally excited to see her i don't know why. I was like
Then she totally printed out a picture of her and signed on it. I have no idea where the printer came from... It was there. LOL Then the 2nd counter was DEMI LOVATO.
What the fck? I ask for her autograph also she don't want give siol! Idiotttt. Then 3rd counter i forget who? Nvmnvm. Then take plane reached FRANCE! IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL LOL. Was walking along some streets with ahghim and reached the theatre! DAMN BIG GOT ANOT. I went to find my seat but ghim was sitting behind me... But beside me was JANE LYNCH?! AND NICK CANNON.
What the hell?! Why so random de sia!! Then i woke up. The end. Lol.

Oh and i love the picture of Katy Perry above! The big one where she's holding that strawberry. It looks... perfect... Pretty pretty ^^

Friday, May 21, 2010


OOLALA. PINK BIKE!! What's with the two big headlights on selena's bike o.o LOL! Okayyy. So this sunday from 7.30pm to 12am will be the "Super Selena Sunday" AWESOME MUCH?! It's like they show Wizards Of Waverly Place then show Wizards Of Waverly Place The Movie then Princess Protection Program. ZOMG. This is like super awesome cuz have you heard of like "Mega Miley Monday?" DON'T HAVE! So yeah. It's special =X

Breakeven by The Script makes me sad... Cause it's sorta true... Sigh. and CHEER UP LEH AH GHIM! Don't sadddddddddddd. I really don't know how to cheer people up... lolll. I love you kay!

Thank you


I love youuu!

Who am i kidding manzx...

I know that we are young
And i know that i may love you
But i just can't be with you like this anymore
Wow. For the first time ever, i actually feel kinda sad for my results. And i'm kinda pissed at the people who are posting their results everywhere -.- Kay lah, i know you're happy lah. Spread the love. Whatever. Congratulations anyways. Worst still, there are some people who got good results but are complaining saying that it's bad. For example they'll say things like "OH I'M SO SAD I ONLY GOT 2 A" If you think yours is bad, why not you exchange marks with me? I mean if i get all B, i'm contented already kay... Climb so high for what? Later fall de time more pain only...

Just now chiali reminded me of how Katy Perry will never know my love for her. Here i am, obsessing and going crazy over her but she don't even know i exist. I felt sad. Extremely. But honestly speaking, if it wasn't for Katy Perry, i would have killed myself last year -.- Like seriously. So yeah thankyou, i love you.

I'm helplessly falling into your eyes

Thursday, May 20, 2010

badabing badaboom

If you're wondering who is missing you when you see 11:11, i just wanna tell you that it's me. It has always been me and it will always be me. It sucks to see you sad. Furthermore you're sad over some other people. You don't have to be sad... They reject you and hurt you but i will never ever do such things to you. I would do anything to see a smile on your face. Yeah, you're worth it. LOL BORED. SHREK 4 IS OUT. I WANNA WATCH. ANYONE WANNA ACCOMPANY ME. And i seriously hate this manzx. First and last week of june holidays are eaten up by remedials. Only 2 weeks to have rest and have fun. Someone told me that he was going to study for that 2 weeks. I got freaking pissed off. SERIOUSLY SIA. Study for one whole year not enough?! HAVEN'T YOU SUFFERED ENOUGH?! I know i have... Damn i need a new cage for my fat hammy.

Disappointing :/

I'm rather disappointed with my results... Well mainly for english and literature. MY ENGLISH. 2 years ago, Ms Linda said i was in the A2 calibre and now, i've got a C5. I have failed you Ms Linda... I am so sorry T.T But i still love you tho xp AND LITERATURE. Miss ang was like "If only you did better for CA" that kinda hit me o.o like srsly. C5 AGAIN. Fuckkkk. This time not even a b. Except for mother tongue i think. ARGH. My cs get 50/100. If plus CA i think will fail bah... SOMEHOW IM MOTIVATED TO DO WELL FOR ENGLISH, LIT AND CS MANZX. The rest can just go and die. LOL. I guess i'm just kinda numb from failing maths for 8 years. THIS PICTURE IS SO FUCKING ADORABLE. Chiali say because of me, alot of people know katy perry. REALLY MEH? But if really then it's awesome!! HAHA. Today was kinda sad cuz you... argh.. sigh. nvm... Ghim got sore eyes. ):

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

530 and counting...

Looking at this picture makes me heart beat extremely fast. I feel as if i'm going to faint anytime... If i really see her up this close... i don't know what i'll do manzx... Ohgod... IT'S A NEW RECORD FOR ME. In like 3 hours i've found 200 new pictures of Katy Perry and i'm still continuing... I think i have a tear in my eye T.T I love you!


One of the reason i like katy perry is cause SHE'S NOT AFRAID OF BEING MOLESTED LOLOL. I MEAN LOOK!! LOOK AT THOSE GUYS. They're grabbing and touching her leg, stomach, boobs, hands and i can't see it but probaby her arse too!!! GOD DAMN. I'm sorta speechless but i wanna touchy her T.T LOL. That sounded wrong. I TELL YOU IF SHE COMES TO SINGAPORE, I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL JUMP ONTO THE STAGE AND HUG HER MANZX. Even if i get arrested, it's worth it. Even if i'm at the backbackback seats, i'll find a way to go up to the front. Argh, i'm hopelessly falling in love for the first time~

List of things to do? LOL.

Ok so i went to yahoo to find things to do in singapore and it's really true lorh... If you reallyreallyreally wanna have fun in singapore, you'll need alot of money. Shucks. But still got some things to do larh! Warning: Long post ahead? LOL!

2. I wanna learn how to ride a bike.
3. I wanna watch lots and lots of movies.
4. I've never been to botanical gardens.
5. OH! How about science centre?
6. OH! How about the fish that eats the dead skin off your feet? LOL.
7. OHOH AND SNOW CITY. Now only like 14 bucks?! Somemore the webbie write got sci centre + snow city package which is only 14 bucks!!
8. Or we could go to parks and do stuff? that sounded wrong LOL
9. How about museums?
10. Visit the MERLION? LOL.
11. Sentosa? FORT SILOSO?
13. fishing? HAHA
15. OH THERE'S THIS PLACE CALL KUSU ISLAND. During low tides, you can actually see the corals and some marine life thingy. I WENT THERE BEFORE! I saw a nemo fishy XD

LOL ok. can't really think of anything lerh. 2 WEEKS!! Must get the best of it before we go back to hell. Okayokay... DONE.


I'm gonna write about results yo!! It's well i don't know? Not that sad but not that great :/ Maths paper 1 made me sad but paper 2 kinda made me :) even tho it's not that high. Literature paper totally made me :D!!! Didn't really expect that siol. Haha. Miss ang say NOT BAD someone leh! Happy is me! Bio was... IT'S ALWAYS LIKE THAT ONE. Write until so confident but fail so damn badly. Shit. SS and Hist get same marks. FAIL. English wasn't as bad as i expected loh. Pass (: So tomorrow is getting back cs? and chemistry? Well... Pray hard that hong won't be like loo ah keow. -prays- Today mdm loo totally pissed me off. She come into class, first thing already start to say me. SHE ONLY SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT ME LOUDLY?! The rest of the people don't have. SHE CALL ME EUNUCH SOMEMORE. Fuck.

Damn it. First and last week of June holidays eaten up. FUCKKK. Everything is so fuck-ish right now. Only 2 weeks of staying at home and slack. Needa plan something to do naozx.

Until now, i still love to pretend that i'm a secret agent or superhero etc. I like i like. I'm tired. Goodbyee

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I can't believe i went for cs! So i sat there for like 3 and a half hours. I got around 2 hours left to go... ARGH FASTER GET THIS OVER AND DONE WITH!!! omg i'm so tired to type so i'll cut short everything Saw mummy at jp!! I bet she was stalking me!! haha. Then after that meet yong and ghim AND I SAW A LADY WEARING A MAROON 5 SHIRT LIKE OMFG. Like at first i saw the shirt infront write "It won't be soon before long" I was like O.O is it coincidence or...? THEN I SAW THE BACK OF HER SHIRT. MAROON 5. I DIED A LITTLE INSIDE. There's 2 things i could have done.
1. Tear the shirt right off her and run away
2. Hug her and ask her to be my friend and then tear the shirt off her and run away
IRON MAN 2 WAS AWESOME. At the end of the movie credits they playing the song Highway to hell by ACDC. I was kinda singing it out loud... But the music was loud so can't hear my singing. I LOVE THOSE KIND OF LOUD ROCK SONGS MANZX!!
Ok we gotta start planning what to do and where to go during june holidays. if not we're just gonna waste another month. LOL i'm not gonna study kay. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, May 17, 2010

You have no idea how much that means

My mum said something completely out of the blue. She walked pass me and she told my brother:
"Eh! Today your sister's hair looks nice hor. Like Katy Patty"
She literally pronounced it that way. But i know what she mean she lerh. IT MADE ME SMILE... Like i'm still smiling right now. Hehe. Even tho you may be a pain in the ass at times, i still love you mum!!

ARGH. I'm posting again. heh


I'm blogging alotalot of times in a day again. HAHAHA. SPAM?! I'm bored. I'm a person who is not like "I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!" I am those kind of person who will be like "I GIVE UP" after awhile. So yeah... I'm giving up soon if i still don't get any results in this. Lol. So unfaithful hor. Nvm lah, faithful to my one and only KATY PERRY.

i can't choose!!

I hate it when like i really really desperately need to go to the toilet but at the same time I WANNA WATCH THE SIMPSONS. I don't wanna get away from the tv but i really need to go to the toilett!! ARGHHH


Wah. Horoscope for next month seems bad. But it's like i seriously shouldn't believe in such stuff. BUTBUT. It's like all the good stuff it says doesn't happen but all the bad stuff does. Fucking true. Like they say may is suppose to be an awesome month with small little surprises here and there that will cheer me up. More like small little surprises that is so freaking bad that it ruins my god damn freaking mood!!! And when it says that will have money problems, IT HAPPENED. It freaking happened. Damn...

It feels the same

Erm. Exams are over. Yippee? I can't seem to feel happy like i don't know... Maybe it's because of cs... CAN I JUST FAIL IT LOL. I don't wanna sit in front of the com for like 5 hours! I mean i can at home larh, but not doing cs!!!!! Just murder me manzx.

Just now went jp and we were like SERIOUSLY BORED. 4 years of jurong point is starting to get really sick. It's like we've seen most of the stuff there so there's nothing to shop anymore. I can't remember how many times i yawned manzx. AND HOW CAN I ALMOST FORGET ABOUT THE KATY PERRY MAGAZINE. SHOOTZX. I'm a bad person T.T I'm sorry Katy Perry! I'm gonna get you tomorrow, my love! :D Currently watching Man Vs Wild and that dude is seriously GROSS. But he's doing it to survive... So ohwell!! Then right i was watching. He say he in alaska then got alot of snow. Then i see my com awhile, look back, suddenly become forest leh o.o Alaska got snow and forest one wor? Seriously i don't know -.-

WAH. The nightmare was fcking scary. I'm still kinda disturbed by it.... Like everytime i close my eyes, IT'S THERE. IT'S FREAKING THERE. ARGH. T.T

Sunday, May 16, 2010


My plan to read has failed. I barely read a chapter of the book and i got distracted. FAIL!! HAMSTERS ARE SO ADORABLE BTW. I was searching for pictures of hamsters and i was like AWWW at every page. SO CUTEE!!

This totally looks like my hamster! Except that mine is fatter and has bigger balls... Like seriously. AND IT'S STARTING TO HAVE SERIOUS ATTITUDE PROBLEMS LOL. Like right last time i wake him up at least he will like walk around awhile before going back to sleep. Now he doesn't even wake up!! I have to poke him like dunno how many times then he wake up and be like very pisesd. Tsktsk. Starting to become more and more like me... LoL

ARGH. So fast sunday liao T.T

Today for a change, i'm going to read a book. Yep! Not gonna stare at the com for like 5 hours anymore! Actually one of the reason i'm doing this is cause my dad is right beside me... He may seem like he's watching tv but sometimes his eyes will move over to my computer screen and he'll ask: "Who is that?" VERY AWKWARD LEH. Like i'm trying to stalk someone and he'll be like "Why you keep looking at this person?" "Who is this girl?" LIKE OHMYGOD. And i can't move my com to my room cuz the table there is covered with books... No place to put computer and i'm lazy to arrange it. So yeah. I'll read a book till he leaves for work. xD
I wasted 4 days at home doing NOTHING. Well not really. I wasted 1 day at Monkfish's house. HAHA MONKFISH! Monkey + Jellyfish = Monkfish. Don't kill me~ OH AND I HAD A DREAM OF LADY GAGA. SHIT. I can't remember what happened. But i know it's something awesome. I love Lady Gaga!!


I feel sad watching King Kong... AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS SAD?! I told people i cried when i watch the show and they just give me the WTF face. LOL But it's seriously sad! Especially when King Kong reaches out his hand hoping that Ann will take it before he passed out. It's like i'm King Kong and Katy Perry is Ann.There i am, reaching out my hand, trying to fight the will to pass out while she cruely rejects me. She simply look at me with disdain and turn away. -hurt- LOL But nevermind. King Kong still loves Ann and Jasmin will still love Katy Perry. Then after that, King Kong has like totally give up on hope. He just let the dude do whatever he wanted. Without Ann, King Kong is nothing. Hehe. LOL I'M COMPARING MYSELF TO A BEAST. Ohwell. Hehe

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I just read finish some stuff on plurk and it brings back the old memoriesssss. The days when we used to be updating pointlessly hoping that someone would comment on it and we would comment back. Somehow it was like seriously fun! Like seriously. I was laughing through the things... SO FUNNYY. But somehow, one day it just died. Lol. Sad.


Sockghim totally got me hooked to the show called kid nation... Has been watching it on youtube and I LOVE GREGGGGG He's like super mean at times but when he's nice, he's so damn sweeet!! And also hot. HAHA. It's like he's not like handsome but something about him just says HOTT. AHH I'M IN LOVEEEE. I don't even know anything about him and there's not much ways to find out things about him... All i know is his name is Greg... Aww ):

Friday, May 14, 2010

Please time, move faster.

August 30th - Teenage Dreams September 21st - Hands All Over

And what's all this shit i hear about Katy Perry being cheap? You know who's cheap? Your mother. So fuck off.

heyho heyho

I miss this lady here.
Because i feel like it's been a longlong time since we last talked. And don't say i never miss my other friends hor! It's just that during this exam period like i still got hang out with them like for example i just came back from ghim's house so there's no point in missing them right xp so yeah, i miss mummy yo!!

ohgod this pictures makes me laugh like idk why but it makes me laughh

Ohkay i forget what i wanted to say... I got the god damn fluuuuuu. My nose is freaking irritating. Keep on have mucus. Not enough tissue! Might as well just wipe it on my shirt HAHA kidding! i don't do that kay. Okay. Gonna have a shrek marathon later. GOodbyeeezx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sun-kissed sun so hot, she'll melt your popsicle

I love your thick eyebrow, i love your small eyes, i love your cute nose, i love your scruffy beard and i like your sexy voice. Even though i seem more obsessed with Katy Perry, i still love you like duhh! How can i not xp

OKOK I KNOW THE ANSWER LIAO. People ask "Why you like Katy Perry?" or "What do you like about Katy Perry?". Well.. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?! LOL. Kay lah random. I'm boredddddd. 4 days of no school. Gonna rot at home. Greaattttt

Oh and i don't need to tell people to listen to songs liao. I give up!! Furthermore, the song has got to number 1 so screw you if you doubted me. I don't need your opinion!! I don't need you to give me that sianxz face when you're listening to it. I don't need you to say "okay" then you just forget about the whole thing. I don't need your ears anymore! Sorry for sounding abit... harsh... I feel kinda pissed that people say such things about my katy perry.... So now i've stopped dissing justin bieber and miley etc liao okay. So stfu.


Argh. Can someone let me imagine that they're Katy Perry for me hugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. I will never ever let go~ KATY PERRYYY I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU

Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm afraid that you're in love with someone else. I'm afraid that someone else is in love with you. I'm afraid that you'll be someone else... I'm afraid that you don't like me... I'm afraid of losing you to someone else... But i don't have the guts to say what i really wanna say to you... It's been 3 years. 3 freaking years. Somehow i want you to know but i don't want you to know... I'm afraid that you'll avoid me like that guy from primary school... I don't want to have my heartbroken again... But i want you. OHMYGOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME LOL


HEYHO. I FEEL SUPER HAPPY NOW. I know i shouldn't anyhow assume... But still... I don't know why but it just cheered me up. I love you (: And after trying and doing so much to try and forget you, i'm back to square one. Damnnn.

MATHS PAPER 2 AND LITERATURE PAPER 2! Literature paper was sorta awesome at first. I wrote for 20 minutes non stop siaaa!! After that my hand pain -.- But it felt awesome. After that went to wendy's with ghimmy, raggy, fatty, yati and chiali!

The seat we had was like facing outside. We could see people walking pass then we decided to stare at them... LOL THAT SOCKGHIM. HARDCORE STARER SIOL. Like we never stare she is literally O.O at the person... Some of the people look back at her she still staring. I swear to god a lady beside us was trying to hold in her laugh LOL! Oh and i bought thisss!!

LOL! In that picture her red looks darker... BUT SHE DOES HAVE MY RED ONE!! She has like red, white and purple... NEXT I'M GONNA GO FOR THIS:

She has a white and green one... YESYESYES!! Ohgod obsesseddd. First i must remember to buy that magazine with her on the cover first!! I'm not gonna miss out anything else manxz... Time to focus on the details instead of just finding pictures and videos of her. IT'S TIME TO GET INTO THE INTIMATE DETAILS. WAHAHAHAHA. That includes the colour of her underwear and i do know what colour is it. HAHA.

Damn i love my friends