Thursday, May 20, 2010

badabing badaboom

If you're wondering who is missing you when you see 11:11, i just wanna tell you that it's me. It has always been me and it will always be me. It sucks to see you sad. Furthermore you're sad over some other people. You don't have to be sad... They reject you and hurt you but i will never ever do such things to you. I would do anything to see a smile on your face. Yeah, you're worth it. LOL BORED. SHREK 4 IS OUT. I WANNA WATCH. ANYONE WANNA ACCOMPANY ME. And i seriously hate this manzx. First and last week of june holidays are eaten up by remedials. Only 2 weeks to have rest and have fun. Someone told me that he was going to study for that 2 weeks. I got freaking pissed off. SERIOUSLY SIA. Study for one whole year not enough?! HAVEN'T YOU SUFFERED ENOUGH?! I know i have... Damn i need a new cage for my fat hammy.

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