Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disappointing :/

I'm rather disappointed with my results... Well mainly for english and literature. MY ENGLISH. 2 years ago, Ms Linda said i was in the A2 calibre and now, i've got a C5. I have failed you Ms Linda... I am so sorry T.T But i still love you tho xp AND LITERATURE. Miss ang was like "If only you did better for CA" that kinda hit me o.o like srsly. C5 AGAIN. Fuckkkk. This time not even a b. Except for mother tongue i think. ARGH. My cs get 50/100. If plus CA i think will fail bah... SOMEHOW IM MOTIVATED TO DO WELL FOR ENGLISH, LIT AND CS MANZX. The rest can just go and die. LOL. I guess i'm just kinda numb from failing maths for 8 years. THIS PICTURE IS SO FUCKING ADORABLE. Chiali say because of me, alot of people know katy perry. REALLY MEH? But if really then it's awesome!! HAHA. Today was kinda sad cuz you... argh.. sigh. nvm... Ghim got sore eyes. ):

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