Friday, May 21, 2010

Who am i kidding manzx...

I know that we are young
And i know that i may love you
But i just can't be with you like this anymore
Wow. For the first time ever, i actually feel kinda sad for my results. And i'm kinda pissed at the people who are posting their results everywhere -.- Kay lah, i know you're happy lah. Spread the love. Whatever. Congratulations anyways. Worst still, there are some people who got good results but are complaining saying that it's bad. For example they'll say things like "OH I'M SO SAD I ONLY GOT 2 A" If you think yours is bad, why not you exchange marks with me? I mean if i get all B, i'm contented already kay... Climb so high for what? Later fall de time more pain only...

Just now chiali reminded me of how Katy Perry will never know my love for her. Here i am, obsessing and going crazy over her but she don't even know i exist. I felt sad. Extremely. But honestly speaking, if it wasn't for Katy Perry, i would have killed myself last year -.- Like seriously. So yeah thankyou, i love you.

I'm helplessly falling into your eyes

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