Monday, May 31, 2010

Restless heart syndrome

Bad things has way of creeping up to you... Like when you least expect it, they'll just pop right out. Yer know? You thought that everything is fine but when you turn around, there it is. Right beside you. And it fucking messes with my headddd.

I think in a battle between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Lady Gaga will win. Seriously. Sigh. As much as i hate to admit it, Lady Gaga has a higher chance of winning :/ Cuz Lady Gaga is like satanic and whatever and Katy Perry is like a more christian-ish person... Yer knoww??

I wonder what's it like to faint and be drunk :/ Just curious yer know. Then ghim say put the dunno what thing at the cigarette and smoke will damn shuang one. LOL I'm just sayinggg. No intentions to do it... yet... I'M SO BORED and i miss you ):

Katy Perry never fails to make me feel weird. I love youuu! And jessica mama say if you love someone and you don't know why means you really love that person. if you love that person and you know why, it's actually admiring, not love. so yeah. I sincerely LOVE katy perry!! Not admire kay. ^^

wordyyyy. Gonna go pack my bag and stuff and gonna sleep liaw. Goodbye and goodnight peepo...

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