Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sun-kissed sun so hot, she'll melt your popsicle

I love your thick eyebrow, i love your small eyes, i love your cute nose, i love your scruffy beard and i like your sexy voice. Even though i seem more obsessed with Katy Perry, i still love you like duhh! How can i not xp

OKOK I KNOW THE ANSWER LIAO. People ask "Why you like Katy Perry?" or "What do you like about Katy Perry?". Well.. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?! LOL. Kay lah random. I'm boredddddd. 4 days of no school. Gonna rot at home. Greaattttt

Oh and i don't need to tell people to listen to songs liao. I give up!! Furthermore, the song has got to number 1 so screw you if you doubted me. I don't need your opinion!! I don't need you to give me that sianxz face when you're listening to it. I don't need you to say "okay" then you just forget about the whole thing. I don't need your ears anymore! Sorry for sounding abit... harsh... I feel kinda pissed that people say such things about my katy perry.... So now i've stopped dissing justin bieber and miley etc liao okay. So stfu.

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