Friday, May 14, 2010

heyho heyho

I miss this lady here.
Because i feel like it's been a longlong time since we last talked. And don't say i never miss my other friends hor! It's just that during this exam period like i still got hang out with them like for example i just came back from ghim's house so there's no point in missing them right xp so yeah, i miss mummy yo!!

ohgod this pictures makes me laugh like idk why but it makes me laughh

Ohkay i forget what i wanted to say... I got the god damn fluuuuuu. My nose is freaking irritating. Keep on have mucus. Not enough tissue! Might as well just wipe it on my shirt HAHA kidding! i don't do that kay. Okay. Gonna have a shrek marathon later. GOodbyeeezx

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