Thursday, May 27, 2010

So call the last day of school. Meh.

Once again, i feel retarded. Why? Cause right there was this LOCAL band called the Saw Losers and i kinda like them. It's like the only local band i like. THEN RIGHT. For some weird ass reasons, i thought they were in the USA. LOCAL BAND. In the USA. What the fuck was i thinking?! Then i just saw the lead singer posted a vid in youtube and it's in SINGAPORE.

HOW CAN I NOT REALISE THAT SUCH A HOT CAUCASIAN GUY WHO SINGS AND IS IN A BAND LIVES IN SINGAPORE OHMYGOD. Hello! IT'S A LOCAL BAND. Local = SINGAPORE, you dumb... I still remember you kay, Lucky Valentine! Ohwellllllll. I'm hungryy.

I feel empty suddenly. Cause everyone is gone... You're gone. You're gone, you're gone and were you even here? OHBTW SOCKGHIM. I still have that chocolate sweet thing i bought from IKEA. HAHA

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