Monday, May 24, 2010

Red eyed monstarrrr

So today i was absent from school due to ze sore eyez. So i just stayed at home all day with MY BROTHERRRRRRRRR. HE PONTENG!! HAHA. He is awesome larh!! Like now right, me and him at home then my dad is like beside... So we cannot talk openly if not our dad hear... So we're talking through msn when he is like right infront of me LOL. THEN STILL SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT MY DAD ZOMG!! Haha. Okay lah. TOMORROW GONNA GO SCH. Cuz photo taking! Die also must go. GOodbyeeezxxx

Oh and i shouldn't play those games where you need to compete with people... Cuz i was playing just now... Then i keep on scolding fuck when ppl overtake me or when i fall LOL. LIKE SERIOUSLY. SO MANY!! I'm so sorry. LOL!

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