Tuesday, May 25, 2010

want your bad romance

WHAT IS UP PEOPLE. Yesterday night's weather was FUCKING warm. I woke up at 1am. fuck. Then i woke up at 2am. Fuck. Then i woke up at 3am. FUck. Then i woke up at 4am. FUCk. Then i woke up at 5am again FUCK!!! I BARELY SLEPT SIOL. Which explains the heavy eye bags today. Lack of sleep = eye bags and SUPER HYPER JASMINNNN. Okay so got the chinese intensive training. Bored like what the hell have anot! The good thing is Mdm loo loo buy bread bread for us to eat. HAHA. Nomnomnom. But it was seriously BORING... But must jia you for the chinese o level loh. MUST RELEASE MY POTENTIAL like what loo loo say. HAHA
Today the different poly came! WHY NO TEMASEK? SERIOUSLY? Now i'm KINDA considering SP or RP. IT SEEMS AWESOME. Mass com or media? Is it the same? I have no idea. I wanna be a dj! So next time you open radio got me there. HAHA. AWESOME RIGHT. Miss me can just open radio ^^
I wrote "Katy Perry, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson" on my hand and the guy at 7 eleven saw and he was like "Tattoo ah?" I was like "LOL. no." then he was like "Pen righttt" LOL. I'll get a real one and let you see manzx. YOU WAIT! Oh and TODAY CLASS PHOTO TAKING I SIT BESIDE MUMMY AND YATII. AWESHUMZX. Happy is jasmin.
I love sunflowers. For a person who don't like flowers, i really really love sunflowers. THEY MAKE ME SMILE~ So pretty pretty. And my mum learning how to arrange flowers so she totally brought some sunflowers home. Pretty pretty i likey ^^

I really really love you like a hell lot but why you zhong se qing you? I am sad... But i still love youuu! Argh, damn. In another totally unrelated matter, i hate him when you guys keep on mentioning him and stuff but when i'm talking to him like one on one, i'm so in love again. HAHA. CRAP SIA. Okay lame. I'm gonna sleep early tonighttt. SHOO EYEBAGS SHOO!

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