Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not cool manzx. NOT COOL.

I suddenly remember something really important i want to say. Now, i'm sorta like extremely pissed at GOH XIU KAI. WHY? Cuz she say Katy Perry looks like the ghost from the movie "The Ring". WHAT THE FUCKK. Jasmin is not amused.Yeah, i laughed while i scolded you back but i'm dead fucking serious. It's not funny. How dare you compare my Katy Perry to a ghost? Did i compare your Miss ang to a ghost or monster or animal?! DID I?!!! NO. SO WHY ARE YOU COMPARING MY KATY PERRY TO A GHOST. WHYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. TELL ME WHY. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. As much as i like talking and joking with you, that wasn't cool. Seriously. Not. Awesome.

For some weird reasons, i've been scolding LOADS of vulgarities nowadays. All the "fuck" and "cb" are coming back. But i don't see "fuck" as a vulgarity leh. I mean it's not necessarily rude... I mean Katy Perry uses it... So it's okay (:

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