Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snap it, bend it and burn it.

I feel so super cranky right now. Maybe it's because i'm super fucking tired... And i'm jealous of those people Katy Perry kissed. I want her so bad T.T And also maybe it's because my mum doesn't allow me to not go to school. Or maybe its because of those eunuchs out there. Or maybe it's because i have no idea what to do with my life. Or maybe it's because of those dreams and ambitions i'll never achieve. Or maybe it's because my hamster is a fucking picky eater. YOU'LL EAT WHATEVER I GIVE YOU AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT. Or maybe it's because of the super slow internet speed. Or maybe it's because i'm so sick of studying. Or maybe it's because i'm so fucking sick of every single fucking thing in this fucking world. I screamed fuck infront of my mother... I don't care larh. Scold me then scold larh... I'm a bad daughter eh? I bet you wish you didn't have gave birth to me right. I'm a fucking burden who doesn't fucking do any chores. Yeah I also wish you had strangled me at birth so i wouldn't be going through all this shit right now. Thanks alot.

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