Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the kind of girl you could only ever dream of

Lol. Currently in the process of cheering up. Just got off the phone with RABBIT AND MONKEY! Heee. And now listening to KATY PERRY de song!! Yesyesyes. Katy Perry never ever lets me downn~~ I would love you even more if you go here to vote for California Gurls!!! It rised up like damn fast? Yesterday was only a few percent but today it's tied with ALEJANDRO! I'm sorry Lady Gaga, even tho i love you, I love Katy Perry more! First pirority!!

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. HAHA. I mean even if you don't want to, if she comes and ask you for it, will you reject? YOU BETTER NOT. LOL. Kidding larh. I love youuuuuu :D

The day Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson dies shall be the day Goh Jia Min Jasmin dies too. I'm DEAD serious. LOL.

Nowadays my brain suddenly sotsot liao. Like i keep saying and doing all those um wrong stuff. If you know what i mean... Hormones going crazy LOL. I'VE REACHED PUBERTY T.T NO LAH idk what im saying :/

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