Saturday, May 22, 2010

So random o.o

Okay so i had this rather weird dream. It's seriously weird!! LIKE SO RANDOM SIA. Okay here i go

The dream started with me sitting at a bus stop outside Singapore Poly? I was waiting for a bus on my way to the airport cuz i was going to France to watch a play. I remember my flight time was 12.30pm!! Like seriously. Then beside me was Mawaddah! Then i wait for bus until i wanna die already so i took a taxi. When i got on the taxi, beside me suddenly become Sock Ghim o.o Then reach the airport de time i went to buy food. Then there was 3 counters mah. The person at the first counter was JANE LYNCH.
The lady from GLEE! Then right i was totally excited to see her i don't know why. I was like
Then she totally printed out a picture of her and signed on it. I have no idea where the printer came from... It was there. LOL Then the 2nd counter was DEMI LOVATO.
What the fck? I ask for her autograph also she don't want give siol! Idiotttt. Then 3rd counter i forget who? Nvmnvm. Then take plane reached FRANCE! IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL LOL. Was walking along some streets with ahghim and reached the theatre! DAMN BIG GOT ANOT. I went to find my seat but ghim was sitting behind me... But beside me was JANE LYNCH?! AND NICK CANNON.
What the hell?! Why so random de sia!! Then i woke up. The end. Lol.

Oh and i love the picture of Katy Perry above! The big one where she's holding that strawberry. It looks... perfect... Pretty pretty ^^

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