Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm gonna write about results yo!! It's well i don't know? Not that sad but not that great :/ Maths paper 1 made me sad but paper 2 kinda made me :) even tho it's not that high. Literature paper totally made me :D!!! Didn't really expect that siol. Haha. Miss ang say NOT BAD someone leh! Happy is me! Bio was... IT'S ALWAYS LIKE THAT ONE. Write until so confident but fail so damn badly. Shit. SS and Hist get same marks. FAIL. English wasn't as bad as i expected loh. Pass (: So tomorrow is getting back cs? and chemistry? Well... Pray hard that hong won't be like loo ah keow. -prays- Today mdm loo totally pissed me off. She come into class, first thing already start to say me. SHE ONLY SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT ME LOUDLY?! The rest of the people don't have. SHE CALL ME EUNUCH SOMEMORE. Fuck.

Damn it. First and last week of June holidays eaten up. FUCKKK. Everything is so fuck-ish right now. Only 2 weeks of staying at home and slack. Needa plan something to do naozx.

Until now, i still love to pretend that i'm a secret agent or superhero etc. I like i like. I'm tired. Goodbyee

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