Sunday, May 16, 2010


I feel sad watching King Kong... AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS SAD?! I told people i cried when i watch the show and they just give me the WTF face. LOL But it's seriously sad! Especially when King Kong reaches out his hand hoping that Ann will take it before he passed out. It's like i'm King Kong and Katy Perry is Ann.There i am, reaching out my hand, trying to fight the will to pass out while she cruely rejects me. She simply look at me with disdain and turn away. -hurt- LOL But nevermind. King Kong still loves Ann and Jasmin will still love Katy Perry. Then after that, King Kong has like totally give up on hope. He just let the dude do whatever he wanted. Without Ann, King Kong is nothing. Hehe. LOL I'M COMPARING MYSELF TO A BEAST. Ohwell. Hehe

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