Sunday, May 16, 2010

ARGH. So fast sunday liao T.T

Today for a change, i'm going to read a book. Yep! Not gonna stare at the com for like 5 hours anymore! Actually one of the reason i'm doing this is cause my dad is right beside me... He may seem like he's watching tv but sometimes his eyes will move over to my computer screen and he'll ask: "Who is that?" VERY AWKWARD LEH. Like i'm trying to stalk someone and he'll be like "Why you keep looking at this person?" "Who is this girl?" LIKE OHMYGOD. And i can't move my com to my room cuz the table there is covered with books... No place to put computer and i'm lazy to arrange it. So yeah. I'll read a book till he leaves for work. xD
I wasted 4 days at home doing NOTHING. Well not really. I wasted 1 day at Monkfish's house. HAHA MONKFISH! Monkey + Jellyfish = Monkfish. Don't kill me~ OH AND I HAD A DREAM OF LADY GAGA. SHIT. I can't remember what happened. But i know it's something awesome. I love Lady Gaga!!

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