Monday, May 10, 2010


HEYHO. I FEEL SUPER HAPPY NOW. I know i shouldn't anyhow assume... But still... I don't know why but it just cheered me up. I love you (: And after trying and doing so much to try and forget you, i'm back to square one. Damnnn.

MATHS PAPER 2 AND LITERATURE PAPER 2! Literature paper was sorta awesome at first. I wrote for 20 minutes non stop siaaa!! After that my hand pain -.- But it felt awesome. After that went to wendy's with ghimmy, raggy, fatty, yati and chiali!

The seat we had was like facing outside. We could see people walking pass then we decided to stare at them... LOL THAT SOCKGHIM. HARDCORE STARER SIOL. Like we never stare she is literally O.O at the person... Some of the people look back at her she still staring. I swear to god a lady beside us was trying to hold in her laugh LOL! Oh and i bought thisss!!

LOL! In that picture her red looks darker... BUT SHE DOES HAVE MY RED ONE!! She has like red, white and purple... NEXT I'M GONNA GO FOR THIS:

She has a white and green one... YESYESYES!! Ohgod obsesseddd. First i must remember to buy that magazine with her on the cover first!! I'm not gonna miss out anything else manxz... Time to focus on the details instead of just finding pictures and videos of her. IT'S TIME TO GET INTO THE INTIMATE DETAILS. WAHAHAHAHA. That includes the colour of her underwear and i do know what colour is it. HAHA.

Damn i love my friends

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