Monday, May 17, 2010

It feels the same

Erm. Exams are over. Yippee? I can't seem to feel happy like i don't know... Maybe it's because of cs... CAN I JUST FAIL IT LOL. I don't wanna sit in front of the com for like 5 hours! I mean i can at home larh, but not doing cs!!!!! Just murder me manzx.

Just now went jp and we were like SERIOUSLY BORED. 4 years of jurong point is starting to get really sick. It's like we've seen most of the stuff there so there's nothing to shop anymore. I can't remember how many times i yawned manzx. AND HOW CAN I ALMOST FORGET ABOUT THE KATY PERRY MAGAZINE. SHOOTZX. I'm a bad person T.T I'm sorry Katy Perry! I'm gonna get you tomorrow, my love! :D Currently watching Man Vs Wild and that dude is seriously GROSS. But he's doing it to survive... So ohwell!! Then right i was watching. He say he in alaska then got alot of snow. Then i see my com awhile, look back, suddenly become forest leh o.o Alaska got snow and forest one wor? Seriously i don't know -.-

WAH. The nightmare was fcking scary. I'm still kinda disturbed by it.... Like everytime i close my eyes, IT'S THERE. IT'S FREAKING THERE. ARGH. T.T

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