Wednesday, July 28, 2010

must have cute

Finally got the pictures from my phone to here. Ta da. Here you go. Woke him up from his sleep xD
It's been awhile since i last took a picture of myself so... here i go!
Angry bread is angry.
Eating underneath a palm tree! LOL. There's small palm tree thingy behind... Yeah... You know... California Gurls... Laying underneath a palm tree... This auntie here is eating underneath it... lolol. THE NOODLE BECOME FATFAT LIAO! MUST FASTER EAT! Lol.
Ohmygosh. My hand is so adorable! I'm in loveee
Sitting in a very... unglam way... Tsktsktsk. I tell her to sit properly liao she don't want listen... So this picture shall be her punishment. Wahahaha.

Aww. I wanna fall asleep with you ):

Oh and... CHINCHILLAS ARE SO FUCKING ADORABLE? They look like big versions of hamsters and hamsters are freaking adorable so big versions of hamster equals to big amount of cuteness! Ohgosshh.

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