Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long wordy rant post thang

Ohkay so i got home feeling pretty pissed off. I have no idea why. But i feel the need to rant. I feel the need to talk about certain kinds of people that just bloody fucking piss me off.

Firstly, it's people who are racist. I can't even... They are just so bloody fucking idiotic. You hate someone because they pray to a different god and have a different skin colour? That's like so... IMMATURE!! Like please lah!! To me it doesn't make any sense!! We're all humans right?! Same whaatt. You hate them for what? What the frack have they ever done to you? Did their god kick your god's arse? It's okay if you think that your god is more superior but you don't have to look down on other people's whaat! I MEAN THEY'RE STILL GODS! Or whatever!! GODDD. Same amount of god-liness!!

Secondly, it's people who are homophobic!! They cringe at the thought of lesbians and gay. Like i said before... STILL HUMAN WHAT! They are just 2 human beings being in love!! Say what cuz god create people is like one half guy one half girl then kena seperate then now they have to find that other person. Hello! God is only superhuman. He can make mistakes one whuat. What if he just accidently messed up and put 2 same sex of people together? Huh? And again, WHAT DID THEY EVER DO TO YOU? They like each other, not like you what. They don't even fucking care about you. At least they're HAPPY. Not like you. Living in your own small little well and the only thing you can see is that little piece of the big blue sky. Pathetic.

Then there are some old people. I'm just saying SOME. Not all. There are those old people that are just plain freaking HORRIBLE. HEY! BEING OLD DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHTS TO BE RUDE! Yes, i know you're an elderly and we should like respect you BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN TREAT US LIKE CRAP! Like we smile to you and be nice and we don't even get a thank you? GAWD!!

Then it's my parents... I know you guys are on bad terms now but do i really have to be your messenger? They'll always be like "Eh tell your dad to do this do that" when he is right there!! RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU. JUST FUCKING GO UP TO HIM AND TELL HIM. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK TO HIM, HE DON'T WANNA TALK TO YOU, WHEN THE FUCK IS THIS WHOLE SHIT GONNA GET BETTER?

And then there's bloggers with horrible english. I'm not saying that my english is purrrfect of anything but at least i can pass my english!!! Those really horribles ones are like... They say things like... okay wait here's a real life example of a kinda famous blogger guy
"Life is shortness, World is Cruel... 3 second of smile can led you to 30 years of sadness... Well, movie started with the year 1976, Tangshan city area. Family get destroy due to earthquake purpose, ground flooded with bloods and tears and dead bodies."
Ohmygosh. I don't even....

Ohkay i should really stop now... I'm really sorry if i offended anyone here hor... But if you're a racist and homophob and you're offended, you fucking deserved it. PEACE OUT HOME DAWG~

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