Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Katy Perry stuffs... lol

watching this interview thang of Katy Perry. Her 2 favourite queen songs are 2 of my favourite queen songs...! And her favourite junk food is MACDONALD'S CHICKEN NUGGETS. Her favourite fruit is PINEAPPLES! I can deal with that. My mum is freaking nagging me while i'm watching it. shut up... LOL Got one question is from a person named "xxxselenagomezfanxx" So she's like a Katy and Selena fan... We can be friendss!! And she doesn't like her bottom teeth cuz it's kinda messed up BUT I DON'T THINK IT IS!! I still think you're purrfecttt!! I lurve youu

My nose is so fucked up right now... Don't know use how many tissue liao... And i'm so damn tired......... ):

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