Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Why do i feel like Miss Ang is like picking on me? Lol. Morning when she step on the bee, she wanna disturb me. Then english she also wanna disturb me. Then Literature de time also wanna disturb me. Pssh. What did i ever do to you? loll It's coming closer and closer... I don't think my heart can take it anymore... It's falling apart againnn. The glues, scotchtapes, staplers and plasters can't hold on anymore... I am in misery... There ain't nobody who can comfort me...

"My friends tell me they love their idols as much as i love Katy Perry. I don't think they do." - Katycats

Everytime i come home, i'm afraid to look at my hamster because i'm scared that it might be not moving... You know? As in totally not moving... It's hard for me to be serious with my friends... To make things worst, it's youu. How can i? Lol. I'm sorry if i made you pekchek or anything. I'm trying... I'm really trying...

I haz craving for alot of food recently... Mehhh. Tomorrow racial harmony day wor. I would like to call myself as very racial harmonious cuz i have indian, malay and chinese friends! LOL. Close friends somemore wor. Hehe.

I don't mind if you don't ^^

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