Thursday, July 22, 2010

wake me up when the world ends

Today i went out and got myself a tattooo!!!!!
LOL jk but i would like one tho... Like i'm fucking desperate for one...

ANYWAYS, EEW WTF IS WITH ME AND THOSE LOVE STUFF -.- DON'T CARE DON'T CARE. LOL. Jasmin does not dabble in the lurveee world. I only indulge myself in my fantasy world where Katy Perry is my one and only wifey. Whatever that means. In awkward situations, daydream about your idols!! That never fails for me... LOL!

But seriously, thanks anyways.

I WANNA FUCKING STOP STUDYING. I don't fucking mind if i'm that kid who grows up infront of the computer. You know? Like those 30 year old people who are still in their basement with an internet connection doing whatever. You call that having no life!? I CALL THAT HAVING A FUCKING LIFE. Not really but... Ahhh........ Just... I don't wanna live in this fucking reality lah -.-

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