Monday, July 26, 2010

monday bruised

Last night, i packed my bag nicely and ironed my clothes. I went to bed with a feeling that says "HEY! It's monday tomorrow! I'mma kick monday's arse." but i woke up the next morning with my arse kicked by monday... Fucking alarm clock didn't fucking ring and it was fucking raining. Got 2 hours detention and it was boring as shit... Damn you alarm clock... Damn you to hell... Had a little moodswing during recess... Probably because it suddenly hit me... 8 more days... T.T THE PAIN!! THE PAINN! And i'm going down later to check mailbox got my magazine anot!! PLEASE BE THERE. I'M FUCKING BEGGING YOUUUUUUUU.
I got early released from detention cuz i was a good girl! Like seriously!! OM Chan say one. HAHA. I sound like i just got early released from jail for early behaviour... pfft. after that went tuh ze julong point with the ghim moh and the chlorine. Fuck sia... That time i remember Harris have the Billboard magazine. THEN THIS MONTH ONE IS KATY PERRY LEH. THEN DON'T HAVE WAHLAU. Tempted... to.... buy on ebay.... again... Should i? Should i?
I have KatyP in my bag, in my file and now also in my wallet! Booyahzx. I feel safe (:

It's so hard to resist you when you look me in the eyes tonight~

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