Sunday, July 25, 2010

No regrets, just love.

Do you have any idea how much i freaking love you? The love i feel for you is as much as the love i feel for Katy Perry and that's a hell lot... I hugged my mum just now and i tried imagining it to be you... Ahhhh. I need you so so much. I should stop. HERE ARE SOME PICTURES!!
SIANZX TOMORROW IS MONDAY AGAIN! I hate mondays... All the shitty lessons are on mondays! MANZX. I should really stop complaining and do something more productive hor. Yesyes i should. But i'm lazy!! ANd i love my fatty hammy so muchh!
I got this to make up for my Esquire Magazine... While waiting for that to arrive, i shall use this to make up for that empty hole in my heart. HAHA! Please let me get it tomorrow... Pleaseeeeee!!

Currently watching CORALINE! It's scary sia! I mean it's like a cartoon for kids but it's so damn scary... and got one part damn funny sia. The lady has like hugeee bewbs and she's wearing 2 shells infront of them. HILARIOUS. Ohgosh... The other mother is scaring me... T.T Scawy. I want my mummy ):

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