Monday, July 26, 2010


Wuz browsing through tumblr and saw someone post a picture of selena with the caption "FUCK YES, SHE'S LEGAL. BEST DAY EVER." LOLS. I realise it's been a longlong time since i said something bout her... Even during her birthday i never say anything nia! Finefine. I shall say something now. FUCK YES. YOU'RE LEGAL. 18 and nowhere to go but up! I don't care what other people think. Your acting and singing pwns the shit outta Demi and Miley! SCREW THEM! I lurve youuu!

It's weird how much i can freaking miss my hamster... During school hours i was like damn i miss fatty so damn much! I wanna touchy touchy him! My fat arse hammy! I LURVE YOUU!

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