Saturday, July 31, 2010

ashholes and zombies

YO. Today morning woke up to go to school to watch TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD! It was not bad only that some scene like very random... Suddenly the Bob Ewell come out scold Atticus YOU NIGGER LOVER then go away. Like whaat? Don't you have anything better to do? Lol okay anyways, after that GHIM MOH AND KOKO CAME TO MY HOUSE! To play Left 4 Dead 2 . LOLS. I'm sorry but i can't help but to feel agitated when i'm teaching people stuff -.- And playing L4D is really really tiring siaa. Gawdd. Anyways, here are some pictures of my hamster.
CUTE RIGHT? IT'S LYING ON IT'S BACK AND EATING. GOSH I LOVE YOU FATTY! And Koko ask me to change his name to something more uh civilised? Cuz this is like very demoralised. Fatty fatty fat fat! Love you!!
Okay so as some of you know liao, I'M FUCKING GONNA SEE KATY PERRY. Somehow, i don't really feel the excitement... I'm actually kinda sian... I feel tired. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU JASMIN GOH. IT'S KATY PERRY. But now i'm just really tired sia... Maybe cuz it's my mum's nagging that's driving me insane or maybe it's cuz of the people who doesn't understand how obsessed i am over Katy Perry or maybe cuz i know i'll probably be standing rather far from the stage... You know. I want physical contact with this sexy woman!!

LOL. Too much? Yeah. Nevermind, i'll probably faint when i see her. Gawd. Let's just hope that... The people don't all run...? And all rush to stand infront? CHillax people... Chillax! I HOPE IT RAINS SO NOT EVERYOEN WILL BE WILLING TO STAND IN THE RAIN HEHEHE. Furthermore, i'm like going alone. Scary. And i don't know what time to go o.o So many thingy. GAWD. I want her like you know... to be like mine... Which is never gonna happen anyways


P.S Which part of "I AM FUCKING OBSESSED WITH KATY PERRY" do you not understand? Haven't i made it clear enough? I am willing to give up my whole life for this woman. I am willing to take all the pain for her. I am willing to do anything for her! Do you understand? You probably think i'm crazy or whatever but you know what? S C R E W Y O U. So fucking pissed with everyone and their questioning and their doubting expressions and their whatever crap. W H A T E V ER !! ! ! !!

Ohoh and to you who sent me this message "Actually someone wanted to give me the singfest tix for day 1 but i didn't take it" Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? Now i can't be bothered with that but seriously, you need to grow the fuck up. I heard what you told the other guy to say. When i didn't have the singfest tickets, you kept on using the word SINGFEST to taunt me. How old are you? 5? Motherfucker sia you. SHOO

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