Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, since i'm going to Vivo tomorrow... I might be buying the Jenga blocks if i have money!! HOHOHO. But if don't have then see got sword anot. Hehe. Forever a child at heart kayzx. Hehehehe Yep. Sore throat not pain but talk de time keep on going out of tune LOL. Which of course means that when i sing also SEVERELY OUT OF TUNE. I'm like laughing and singing sia. The tune wanna go high will go over wanna sing normal will go up down up down. Ohgod. LOL FUNNY.

I feel extremely happy. I love you guys! Today is the don't know what friendship day thing right? So yeah. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY AWESOME FRIENDS!! I really really love and appreciate you guys kay. Especially you and you! Even tho some of you don't read my blog but yeah... KAY BYE! :D

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