Friday, April 16, 2010


Was sick yesterday night... Today morning in school still got fever ): But subsidised after recess lerh. hehehhe. I know i really say this alot of times liao but fridays are AWESOME. So i'm not gonna let some stupid CS ruin it. Please mdm lim! Don't be sooo nice can? Any other day can have remedial whatever shit just don't let it be on friday. AND DON'T ASK WHY... lol

After school went to sports dayzxzx! Scream until sore throat liaozx. I'm so hoping neptune's gonna win!! I mean no need first, 2nd is good enough. GO NEPTUNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MUMMY. She scream until i think i lost my hearing in my left ear. LOL. Awesomezxzxzx.
Ghim don't wanna take picture ):
Desperate face
I'M TALLER HEHEHE. I LOOK SKINNEH. Lol.not really but nvm lol

Tomorrow need to go to school. 3 HOURS OF FREAKING CS. SHITTTT. CAN DIE DE SIA. Argh. Seriously cher, i really don't mind letting go of the few hours of coursework... Just let me gooo T.T

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