Thursday, April 15, 2010

I feel awesomeeezxzx

Biology lesson we draw cucumber!! Damn the smell was like so damn strong sia. I HATE CUCUMBERS! But if they can get rid of eyebag, i love them! SEL do da eportfolio thang. I chose like 14 jobs... Ohgod. History was awesome as usual. GO CATCHAN!! Maths was well, i didn't fall asleep xD I think i did? Not sure lol! Today went for ze maths remedialz. I swear to god i really think that mr lin burbed! Not once but thrice kay. I heard something and smelled something fishy =X

I feel extremely adorable nowadays. I LIKE HAYATI'S PHONE. Got the camera infront which is awesome?! Gonna fill up her phone with tons of my pictures. HEHE OH! And got 2 videos lerh. SO AWESOME HEHE. I LOVE YOU HAYATI's phone. LOL

Sore throat sucks. Swallowing saliva also pain like wtf. I'm still gonna sing and talk kay. Tomorrow sports day wearing JUPITARR. Which totally reminds me. NEPTUNE IN SECOND LEH. SECOND LIKE OMGWTFBBQSAUCE LOL. SECOND. WOOO. Jupiter drop to last. hehehehe. Kay bye


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