Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nom nom nom eating bready naozx

Well today was pretty much... boring... or something lol. MR YANG IS SERIOUSLY LAME LOL. Sperm wringling around = NC16? Then those porn is what? Old81? LOL kay lame. He say next time show video of childbirth... So it's like show the baby come out of the.... thing? OHGOD. Our biology lessons are before recess god damn it! Later no appetite LOL. During english i kinda like raised my voice at miss ang? LOL. Cuz she was looking at the envelopes behind and infering whatever stuff. Then she say mine. Something like "looking at the picture, i can infer that the person is a bimbo. Nice on the outside but actually the brain empty" I WAS LIKE "DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT HER! TAKE THAT BACK" Then she seem kinda shock? then she say it's actually talking about me. SURE ANOT! If she ever dares to say Katy Perry i'll rip her apart and break xiu kai's heart. HAHAHA

Right now my brother is letting his god damn friends play MY GUITAR HERO. I mean band hero but same lah. THAT JERK. HE THAT TIME STILL SAY "IT'S YOURS NOT MINE. I'M NOT PLAYING WITH IT SO I'M NOT GONNA PAY FOR IT" OKAY LAH THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LETTING YOUR FRIENDS PLAY. DOUCHEBAG. I'm very bothered about that can anot. I love my guitar! If anything happens to it, they'll pay me back with a whole new band hero kit. WAHAHAHHA

imy :D

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