Tuesday, April 20, 2010


LOOK AT THIS!! JUST LOOK AT THIS. DOES THIS LOOK SEXY TO YOU?! NO! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVAR, I'M GOING TO SEE THIS. KATY PERRY DOESN'T LOOK HOT. Ohgod that kinda killed me to say. BUT SERIOUSLY. A cigarette on your hand is sexy but with a cigarette like that in your mouth IS SO URGH. This is like a picture of her at a 3rd day of an event. On the 2nd day she also had a cigarette.... SIGH. ONE PER DAY? Please nooo T.T I want you to live foreverrrr

On a brighter note, ADAM LEVINE IS SUPERMAN. I KNEW IT!!
Woot woot woot. Biology lesson today was gross beyond all reasons. IT WAS EVEN WORST THEN I EXPECTED LOL. At first the vid show the lady sitting up with her leg open bigbig. THEN SUDDENLY ZOOM IN UNTIL THE AHEM THERE. I WAS LIKE "OHMYLORD". The next thing you know, THERE WAS A HEAD THERE. OHMYGOD. -faints- I swear to god my stomach felt damn weird after it. Pukey feeling. urghh nightmares!!

Chiali keep on saying the things i write is for HIM. IT'S NOT. All those things like eg "now till forever, stay my baby" IS FOR KATY PERRY! There is no one else i love more then katy perry!! And like i told her, it's just nice to have someone to tell you "Iloveyou" every single day.

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