Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lalalala, lalalala, what the hell?

Super not in the mood in the morning... Tired + warm = ARGH. I WANNA TEAR HIS FREAKING HEAD OFF HIS NECKK. Lol. kay idk what to say nowwwwwwwwww. Just now when i was going home, IT RAINED. THUNDER. Then i suddenly remembered something you told me... Then i sat there, wondering alone... Where the hell are you? You're not hereee. I want you to be here to tell me that it's okayyyyyyy.

I really really really really love Katy Perryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy until i don't know what to say. I would never really be entirely sad because whenever i see her picture or video, i just feel... happyyyyyyy. So i guess it's a good thing? lol. kay lah. enough of her. There's history test tomorrow but I'M REALLY TIRED. Has been sleeping ever since i got home... Sighhhhhhhh.

Katy Perry only completed her freshman year at her highschool and got a general degree!! Let's aim to be her xp

i dreamt of you and you're still as beautiful as evaar.

I love you Katy Perry!!

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