Monday, April 26, 2010

bang bang bang

Pervertic banana. and here is some pictures of ME!!
act cute
act cute
Almost same face! LOL.

okay so now i'm using my mum's laptop again. HEHE i love typing with laptop de keyboard. SO NAICE. somemore this one right got built in webcam and the quality is not bad not bad. HAHA. Okay so now my mum is on the phone with someone and she's talking about her caucasian boss. -Jealous!- LOL. Caucasian lehhh.

Today in school was okayyy. Anyways i suddenly thought of something!! 2 of my favourite person live in the same block. One lives on the left end, one lives on the right end. One lives on the 2nd floor, one lives on the second floor counting from the back. SO AWESOME RIGHT? I feel the need to move over there and live in the middle. HAHAHA.

Some stupid woman still haven give my mum de money she earned!!! Stupid idiot. FASTER GIVE LEH. If not she cannot buy me my gun and new earpiece! Haha.
kay byeee!

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