Monday, April 26, 2010

i should be...

I should be doing my literature from asknlearn now... but instead i'm browsing through LOL! Seriously... Putting homework online is another chance for me to use the computer... I'm like veryy easily distracted... But at least this time i actually logged into asknlearn before i forget. haha!! But the page is like there... I got my book and paper and pen ready!! But my brain isn't... Addicted to alejandro! I wanna get a tattoo that says "little monster" somewhere. I'm not really obsessed with Lady gaga but it's just kinda awesome. Hehe!!

yesterday night before i fell asleep, i saw 11:11 again.
then today in school i saw 11:11 again.
both times, i wished for katy perry to be mine.
is my wish gonna be fufilled?
i don't think so

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