Friday, April 30, 2010

not in the right mind... lol

I LOVE KATY PERRY. Okay... welllllllllllll. Exams... Mr lin today morning tell me i left 75% of the maths paper blank and he gave me the very pissed off face... I TRY LIAO LAH. I REALLY DID. You're not gonna believe me anyways so well... I didn't try. I look through the paper, and i anyhow write a few words inside then i close my paper then i sleep for the next hour. HAPPY? HAPPY WITH THAT ANSWER?! I totally DIDN'T STUDY MANZX. The previous night i was playing playing playing SO HAPPPYYYY. ARGH I feel fucking retarded. Stupid idiot. YOU CAN'T EVEN DO A FEW SIMPLE MATHS QN BLAHBLAHBLAH. I hate maths........ I CAN'T FORCE MYSELF TO LOVE IT!! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I FORCE YOU TO LOVE YOUR ENEMY HUH!! THEN SOMEMORE I FORCE YOU TO DO HIM/HER. YOU LIKE? NO RIGHT!! Damn it. It's not over yet... It's only the MYE... It's not....

English i HOPE i pass!! Cuz i wrote qn 3.... What career i would like to explore? I think it's kinda obvious... LOL! SINGER YO. Not sure if rockstar is a legit career so i chose singer instead LOL! I totally wrote that if i can sing and become famous, DUN NEED STUDY LIAO LOH. =X and i also included justin bieber... wellllllll

If i had a CCTV installed in Katy Perry's home, i can literally just sit there and watch her for the whole day! Provided if she's at home of course... I can watch her sleep, watch her eat... I'm not gonna see her in the toilet of course! Must give her some privacy LOL. ARGH. I want youu~

and can you like stop hating the people i love?

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