Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's meant to be............

SEE! WE HAVE THE SAME TASTE. If you don't get what i mean, LOOK AT HER PANTS! Familiar? It's almost the same as my wallet... It's a us note!! Only that mine is one dollor and her's i don't think is one dollor.. BUT STILL. It's a us note!! LOL.

Looking a that old newspaper article really kinda makes me feel @.@ CUZ KATY PERRY ALMOST CAME TO SINGAPORE!! You know last time the singtel grand prix thing... She was suppose to go... But she pulled out at the last minute... I'm kinda glad she didn't came then tho. Cuz i had no idea about the event LOL. Later she come liao i also dunno... i will kill myself manzx. I love you!

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