Monday, April 12, 2010


I don't want to like you because you're an idiot. butbutbutbut... urgh. Maybe some things are better left unsaid. Goodbye bloggy. Hello diary!

WOO. I've cleared some of my debts. HAHA. Now i still owe chloride 2 bucks, sockghim 20 bucks and my brother 50bucks! I need to buy Maths Textbook 4B and Comprehension 10 Year Series... I want to buy new headphones and i still want an iPhone!

Zhihuay say the more she look at me, the more i look like Katy Perry. WOOOO. FUCKING AWESOME! katy katy perry! katy katy perry~

Gaga's computer got something wrong... Can't connect to internet... I am sad ):

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