Friday, April 23, 2010

Both knee bruised yooo. AWESOME

LOL. OKAY so today kinda suck but i laughed alot. I WAS LATE. SHIT LAH. 2 hours detention. Somemore monday NO REMEDIALS. So i'm like not skipping any remedials... ):
TODAY I BROUGHT JENGA! But before i start with that, let me say something else. WE WERE LIKE SUPERSTARS FOR AWHILE MANZX HAHA. WHY? cuz right! you know those thailand people come. then we sitting at the library, then suddenly they just came behind us and TAKE PICTURE LOL. ALOT OF PICTURE NIA. AWESOME!!! One of them touched us somemore. and mdm loo say razeenah pretty. and say me, mawaddah, hayati and chiali look the same. LOL?! (Y)
Okay so playing jenga in the library was AWESOME. why? cuz right!! Fall de time will noisy so everybody will catch it. LOL that moment is like hilarious. like don't know how many hands holding onto the thing. hehe!
The nice thing about today was that i laughed a hell lot. Almost peed my pants on several occasions. FUNNY. OH THAT REMINDS ME. THe abortion video is WAYY worst then the giving birth one. SERIOUSLY SIA. ohgod. i felt sad ):
Ohyah about my injured knees. In the art room, mavis' easel fell on my right leg. I CRIED LOL PAIN. Now blueblack~ then walking to jp de time, chiali suddenly call my name. i turned around and FELL. WAH. FALLING DOWN IN THE RAIN. From far look very poor thing one sia. LOL

My awards. LOl Okay anyways. WENT KIDDY PALACE. Omg and i totally accidently typed katy palace. if only there was a place like that. OKAY ANYWAYS!! Got the nerf gun~ I want! But america one shoot ballball nicer... but this one shoot darts also can larh. My mum say she will buy for me next week. HEHE

Anyways, SORRY TO HAYATI! Cuz i keep on accidently hitting her with the umbrella... I'm really sorry! Didn't mean to. and also accidently dropped alot of f-bombs. sorry!! and sorry to you too ):

Well i tell you my friend
one day this world's gonna end
as your lies crumble down
new life she has found~~

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