Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just before i went to sleep around 2.30 yesterday, i changed the channel to MTV cuz there were MTV hits! Then first video they played was like Eminem's. Then i was like if after this is not California Gurls then i'll wait until 3am when this MTV hits end loh. But right!! RIGHT AFTER THE EMINEM VIDEO IS CALIFORNIA GURLS LIAO OMG I literally jumped off the sofa and ran infront to the tv~ YAY. HAPPY IS ME. All i needed was to see it once on tv and i'm happy. lol! It's like she knows i'm waiting and she doesn't want me to stay up late so she let the video play~ LOL and you know i said that she had stitches? it's on her leg! and it's still like bandaged~ poor wifey ):

Mosquito bites are fucking itchy. Stupid chem lab!!!

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